Reputation Score: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

what is reputation score


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If you want to fully grasp your online reputation, look no further than your personal Reputation Score. This metric is now offered by brand managers and reputation firms across the web.

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But what is a reputation score, and what does it mean for your personal reputation in 2021?

Here’s a guide to what a score is, how it’s calculated, and why it matters when building a healthy personal brand online. 


What Is The Meaning Of a Reputation Score?

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Your personal online reputation score represents the total value of your online footprint. 

That value is based on several factors. These include the sum of positive, negative, and neutral details that show up in Google search pages (SERPs), and how they rank when people search you online. 

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In other words, your reputation score indicates what people see and think about you after searching your name online. 


Why Does Your Reputation Score Matter?

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Like it or not, how you look on the internet matters. That's because, no matter who you are or what you do, people are searching you on the web.

And when they do, they judge your character and credentials based on what shows up on search results.

When your personal score is high, those people are more likely to find online assets that portray a positive image. In this case, your personal brand is more likely to earn people's trust and pave the way to personal success.

But if your personal score is low, chances are good employers, landlords, clients and friends are finding things that look bad for your image.

In such cases, your online presence is likely hurting relationships, destroying opportunities and making it harder to realize your full potential.


Who Is Searching For You Online?

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People from all walks of life search your personal brand online every day. These include:

Who Creates My Reputation Score?

Numerous companies offer to check your personal reputation score based on the quality and size of your digital presence. 

Each site uses its own criteria and reputation score scale to measure your online reputation. They use their findings to create a value representing your online image.

One of the more notable sites to do this is MyLife. MyLife collects various elements of your presence and calculates your MyLife Reputation Score on a 1-to-5 scale (1 means poor, 5 is great). 


What Is My Personal Reputation Score Based On?

Sites like MyLife base your personal Google reputation score on any number of online assets and criteria. 

But, while companies each have a unique way to calculate your score, most use a variety of data. These data points often include mentions of your name, their quality, each item's search ranking and the level of engagement.

A complete personal online reputation management analysis digs deep to identify all mentions of your name in search results. It then evaluates those listings carefully to learn how much each result impacts your online footprint. This includes where and how often searchers interact with each of these pages.

With each item identified and analyzed, your customized internet reputation analysis produces a net reputation score. This score indicates the overall quality of your online image. 

Your personal reputation score provides a brief but powerful glimpse into how you’re perceived online.


What Is a Good MyLife Reputation Score?

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A good reputation score varies depending on who analyzes your online reputation. For example, while 4.3 may be a good score on, 600 might be a great score on another reputation services site.

But no matter where it comes from, a good score typically shows a clean, consistent presence on Google’s first page. Positive SERP rankings help highlight your best qualities whenever a friend, boss or coworker searches your name online.


What Is a Bad Reputation Score?

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Much like their “good” counterparts, bad reputation scores can vary widely depending on the scoring service. 

While 1 and 2 numbered scores may point to a poor reputation on sites like MyLife, scores in the 0-100 or 0-30 ranges can indicate poor performance on others. 

Overall, a bad score likely indicates the presence of one or more negative items in Google search. These often include negative comments and articles damaging your reputation and dominating your search engine presence. 

But whatever it is, that one negative item is often all it takes to hurt opportunity and drag your personal reputation score through the mud. 


reputation score frequently asked questions

What Is The Impact Of a Low Reputation Score?

A low reputation score impacts your personal reputation based on what was used to get the result. Factors that generally pull your score down include the presence of negative articles, comments, images and reviews, where each ranks in Google and how often searchers interact with each negative link. The worse these items are, the lower your score will be. 

While the impact varies based on your brand, things like bad reviews, news articles, and unflattering images tend to hurt your score and reputation the most. 

Sometimes, a polite removal request is all it takes to delete an unwanted comment, article or blog from the web. 

But removing items like negative reviews and news articles is often extremely difficult. This is because most sites have strict procedures for removing such content.

And when it comes to this, a custom personal online reputation management campaign may be your best option. 

Ongoing monitoring of your online presence is essential for effective ORM. It's also essential for ensuring your internet reputation score moves in the right direction.

The decline of negative links from Google search, combined with the rise of positive items, is a good sign your reputation score is improving.


What Is My Reputation Score?

Your personal online reputation score is calculated based on the quality of your Google search results. Because so few Googlers go beyond the first page, it’s your first 10 listings that factor most into your personal score. 

If you want to know what your score will be, start by searching yourself.

Then, make a note of each listing related to your personal brand on the first 2-3 pages. Also note that second-page results may someday move up and reach page one.

Determine how these results reflect on your name (positive, negative, and neutral) and how high each ranks in search. 

Higher visibility usually means a bigger impact on your personal reputation.

A brief personal analysis will help set your expectations. It will also alert you of potential problems and show how much you may need personal online reputation management


Why Is My Reputation Score So Low?

If you checked your personal reputation score and found it could use a boost, your online reputation may be suffering because of:

  • Poor social management. Whether you shared a questionable video or let a comment thread get away from you, a poorly managed social presence can quickly become your worst digital nightmare.
  • Bad online reviews. If you’re a small business owner or local professional, a bad review can leave a lasting stain on your legacy and bottom line.
  • Unflattering court records. A past mistake or court case could be throwing your personal reputation behind bars.
  • Bad news. Even just one negative news item or blog can create a lifetime of bad press for your search engine presence. 
  • Inconsistent profiles. Inconsistent information may be innocent enough, but it can do real damage to your personal brand.  

If your personal online reputation score could use some work, we're here to help. As leaders in personal reputation management, we specialize in customized online strategies that turn your digital image around and help you build the personal reputation you deserve.


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