What the Right Reputation Management Consultants Can Do For You

The right reputation management consultants can help you build a winning brand on the web.

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Reputation management consultants provide an essential service to individuals and organizations. And with the assistance of an experienced consultant, you too can regain control of your reputation.
Unfortunately, in today’s connected world, you can not afford to ignore the impact of negative press and unflattering content.

Without a doubt, online information influences public perception of your personal or corporate brand.
Working closely with an online reputation management (ORM) consultant allows you to reduce or eliminate the impact of online content on your reputation.

For individuals, negative content on social media, news outlets, and other online platforms can have adverse effects. Additionally, you’d want to avoid having your personal information on data broker sites like Whitepages.

For instance, harmful items can affect personal relationships or career. On the other hand, companies need a positive reputation to attract new customers and build customer loyalty.

As the internet now plays an integral role in consumer decision-making, your organization should always keep tabs on company mentions. If dissatisfied customers post negative comments about your brand, your online reputation suffers. In turn, this hurts your competitive edge and bottom line.

Today’s consumers demand quality services and transparency. For this reason, you should strive to keep customers happy and well-informed. One way to achieve this is to address negative feedback quickly.
Thankfully, reputation management experts can assist you in dealing with bad customer reviews.

Reasons for Hiring Reputation Management Consultants

The right ORM consultants handle wide-ranging reputation management tasks to suit your unique needs. Common reasons to hire an ORM consultant include:

  • Gaining access to advanced review and reputation management tools
  • Burying negative search results
  • Removing harmful images, videos, or articles
  • Boosting online visibility
  • Managing customer reviews
  • Actively monitoring your brand online

How ORM Experts Manage Your Online Reputation

Consultants generally handle reputation campaigns as a team effort. However, some experts work solo by tapping into extensive reputation management experience and advanced tools.

Whether you choose a large, established agency or an independent consultant, you are sure to benefit from a wide range of services.

Depending on your needs, ORM consultants may deploy extensive resources to get the job done right.
Here are key ORM services you can expect from a consultant:

Reputation Monitoring

Keeping an eye on information posted online about you or your business can be time-consuming and tedious. Fortunately, the right ORM consultant has the technology and expertise to monitor the internet for mentions in real-time.

In addition, active monitoring makes it easier to find and respond to negative content fast.
Advanced tools can alet you about new information that requires attention. You can also keep tabs on search results for specific keywords.

And, active monitoring enables reputation management consultants to take action to protect your image, including through content removal or suppression.

Content and Link Removal

Suppression and content removal play an essential role in reputation repair campaigns. ORM consultants can help remove negative content or links from websites and search results.

However, not all content is removable. In such cases, consultants can turn to suppression strategies.
Depending on where the content is, ORM specialists may contact the publisher and request removal. If the article or video breaks any laws, a consultant can request removal on legal grounds.

It is then necessary to file a removal notice with search engines, social media platforms, and web hosts.

Content Suppression

With content suppression, ORM experts bury unwanted content by replacing it with positive links in search. To maximize the visibility of positive content, reputation specialists use proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

And when done correctly, this approach pushes negative content to lower search results pages and out of sight.

As a result, people will have a tough time finding those negative results. Instead, they will find positive content that enhances your online reputation.

And the best part? Suppression is generally a more affordable and practical option for reputation repair.

Reputation Protection

Negative reviews and news articles can damage your reputation. That’s because many searchers don’t verify the authenticity of online content. This means your reputation can still take a knock, even if the reports are false.

You need the assistance of reputation management consultants to safeguard your personal or company’s reputation.

Suppressing or removing negative content by yourself can be challenging and time-consuming. Thankfully, experienced consultants at InternetReputation.com can help you achieve the desired results quickly and conveniently.

You can also count on professionals to perform continuous reputation maintenance.

Choosing the Right Reputation Management Agency

Your choice of reputation management consultant makes a difference in the execution of the task. Reputable firms and consultants understand the need for transparency and adhere to white hat strategies.
Many established ORM firms utilize proven ORM tools to improve the quality of service. You can count on these firms to deliver satisfactory results and ensure real value for money.

One benefit of advanced tools is that they simplify cumbersome processes. In turn, consultants get the job done in less time.


The ideal service provider maintains high levels of transparency about ORM strategies. Transparency allows you to determine whether the agency employs white or black hat strategies.

Additionally, it becomes easier to ascertain the suitability of the service provider.

When it comes to online reputation management campaigns, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the processes. The ORM firm’s actions make a difference in how people perceive your organization.
By partnering with the ORM company, you receive regular briefings about your campaigns.

White Hat Strategies

Your chosen agency should implement white hat reputation repair and SEO techniques. This approach makes it easier to repair and manage your reputation more effectively.

Black hat SEO techniques are risky, and you could lose a significant amount of money. Hence, you need to choose an ORM company that understands the value of adhering to standard procedures.

Handling campaigns by the book involves implementing a long-term plan that builds a positive online reputation. And the most effective reputation strategies help deliver that positive first impression by:

  • Responding to customers who post negative feedback via review sites
  • Enhancing online visibility of positive content through SEO strategies
  • Creating high-quality content
  • Establishing and optimizing social media presence
  • Creating websites to publish and promote positive information
  • Getting articles published on high authority websites

When implemented correctly, these measures help repair and build a favorable reputation for yourself or your business.

Additionally, working with ORM experts allows you to benefit from proven white hat strategies. Whether you plan to embark on personal branding campaigns or business reputation management, you can count on InternetReputation.com to boost your online reputation.

Some black hat measures that compromise your ability to achieve the results include link and keyword stuffing. Also, avoid ORM agencies that create dummy websites or blogs on your behalf.

These unprofessional measures can do more harm than good.


A good ORM agency understands the importance of communication when handling campaigns. You should consider the frequency of the service provider’s communications. Regular briefings make it easier to gauge progress and identify the strategies employed in the campaigns.

Proper communication involves the minimal use of industry jargon, enabling you to follow the processes more closely. You should expect comprehensive answers to any questions about the campaigns.
For this reason, you need to find an ORM consultant eager to keep you well-informed.

Getting Started With ORM Firms

Once you pick the best reputation management consultant, you will benefit from years of experience. You can also take advantage of that consultant’s comprehensive array of resources. To maximize the benefits of working with the consultants, you need to prepare ahead of time.

Carefully consider your reputation management objectives.

If possible, write down some key performance indicators (KPIs) for the ORM campaigns. Although the consultant can help you identify critical goals, the preparation phase gives you an idea of the desired outcome.

It is vital to concentrate on external and internal goals. For companies, an example of external targets includes improved service or product star ratings on review sites like Google.

Another key aspect to consider when preparing to work closely with reputation management consultants is choosing a point of contact. Doing so eliminates confusion or misunderstandings. Also, ensure that a single department or team is responsible for managing your organization’s reputation.

Establish guidelines stipulating reputational issues that your team must handle. The guidelines should also outline how and when your team responds to the matters.

Once the ORM consultant comes on board, you may need to tweak the guidelines to meet specific requirements or situations.

Questions to Ask Reputation Management Consultants

To ensure that you get real value for money, ask the consultant critical questions about your account and other matters. You need to understand the service provider’s capabilities, experience, and strategies.
Doing so eliminates misunderstandings and helps align your expectations accordingly.

Here are examples of key questions you may need to ask:

Does the ORM consultant allow you to review content before publishing it?
Ensure that the reputation specialist publishes accurate information about you or your business. Inaccurate information can harm your reputation.

It is also important to create content that matches your preferred tone or voice. Poorly written content paints a negative picture of you or your organization.

For this reason, the ORM agency should have in-depth knowledge about your personality or type of business.

Does the reputation management expert have experience in your industry?
An ORM with relevant industry experience understands the nuances of handling your campaigns. The lack of experience can undo the effectiveness of the campaigns. If in doubt, you can ask the expert to provide a list of previous clients.

If you want to speak to one of our reputation management consultantscall us today.

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