How Do I Remove My Information from Whitepages?

How Do I Remove My Information from Whitepages Remove Personal Info

What is Whitepages Opt-out? How do I remove my information from Whitepages? For quick and easy removal from Whitepages and more than 100 people-search sites across the web, contact our Removal Experts today!


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Data search sites like make it easy to find your personal information. They put your full name, address, phone number, email address and other personal details up for grabs and available to anyone for a small, one-time fee.  

This doesn't just give spammers and scammers instant access to sensitive personal data. It also provides anyone from identity thieves and disgruntled exes to enemies and more the opening they need to invade your personal privacy.

And once they do, those bad actors can use that info against you and your family. 

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Removing your name and info from Whitepages is a good first step to protect your identity and peace of mind

Why does Whitepages have my info?

Whitepages collects and sells your personal info because 1) they have the ability to find it, and 2) there's an incredibly high demand for personal data. Millions of people search for personal details every day, making the sale of your information highly profitable for Whitepages and other people search sites throughout the web.

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In other words, there’s a good reason why White Pages and others to collect your info and charge money to see it.

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How does Whitepages get your info? What is Whitepages Opt-out?

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Whitepages uses powerful data-collection technology to comb the web for your personal info. This tool crawls consumer info lists, third-party sites, social platforms and more to collect your data and populate its database. Whitepages uses this info, pulled from multiple sources across the internet, to create your Whitepages listing. Your basic info is then made available to users for free.

Whitepages provides options to buy more detailed personal info for a one-time or monthly subscription fee. It also features a number of details on your personal listing, including your:

  • Full name (including maiden names and aliases)
  • Age
  • Home addresses (past and present)
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Spouse info (including divorce records)
  • Known relatives
  • Court and criminal records
  • Auto accident info
  • Business details
  • And more

While Whitepages certainly isn’t the only place to find your personal info, it is one of the more popular people search sites on the web. In fact, the site receives tens of millions of unique visitors every month.

Removing your records from White Pages helps eliminate a serious risk to your privacy almost immediately.

Note: your White Pages listing will likely display info located on other data aggregates, such as This can sometimes make information removal a little more complicated.     

How do I remove your information from White Pages? How do I opt out of Whitepages? 


Deleting your personal information from Whitepages is only possible by submitting an opt-out request. While opting out of White Pages is fairly easy, it’s important to follow each step carefully to avoid complications and make sure the right name and listing are deleted as quickly as possible.      

Here are the steps to remove yourself from White Pages:

  1. Search your name on Whitepages
  2. Locate your listing
  3. Copy the URL
  4. Find the opt-out form
  5. Verify your info
  6. Provide a reason for removal
  7. Enter your phone number
  8. Provide your verification code

Ever wondered "How do I remove my information from Whitepages?" Follow these steps to remove your personal data and protect yourself today:

1. Search your name

Go to and search your name. Entering the right name is key to finding and removing the correct Whitepages listing. 

2. Locate your information

Find the listing that best matches your personal information. Once located, click “View Details.”  Take extra care to choose the listing that’s yours.

While it’s not unusual for people to pick the wrong listing at first, doing so can add days or even weeks to the process. This gives online criminals even more time to find your data and use it to hurt you.

3. Copy the URL

Once you’ve chosen the right Whitepages profile, highlight and copy the page URL. 

4. Find the opt-out form

Visit the Whitepages opt-out page. Enter your information and learn how we can help:

5. Paste your profile link

Paste the profile link you copied in Step 3 into the space provided. Once complete, click “Opt-out.”

6. Verify your info

Whitepages will ask you to confirm your info. If your name and address match up, click on “Remove me” to go to the next step.

Again, being absolutely sure your info is correct is essential to getting your listing removed from White Pages. Failing to do so usually results in having to repeat the process.  

7.   Provide a reason for removal

Whitepages asks everyone to choose one of four reasons for removing their information:

  1. My profile information is incorrect
  2. Receiving spam calls and junk mailings
  3. I am being harassed or stalked by someone
  4. I just want to keep my information private 

Select the reason that best fits your situation and click “Submit.”

8. Enter your phone number

Next, Whitepages requests a personal phone number to confirm your identity. After entering your number, check the small box and click “Call now to verify.” You will then receive a robocall to complete the process.

Note: it’s crucial to provide your real number AND be ready to answer the phone quickly. Calls come in fast once you click the prompt. If you give the wrong number or miss the call, you'll need to start the process over. 

Trying to remove your listing, but hitting a wall instead? Learn what the right privacy protection service can do for you!

9. Provide your verification code

After you answer the call, the Whitepages robot will ask for a four-digit verification code provided in Step 8. Once it confirms your code, the robot provides an estimate (usually 24 hours) on how long your opt out will take.

Congratulations! Now that you've entered your code, your personal info will no longer appear on any free searches across the site.

But while your data will no longer be visible to everyday users, your name, address and phone number will still be accessible to Whitepages Premium subscribers. These are people paying a monthly fee to access your data at any time.

How do I opt out of Whitepages Premium?

To remove your personal information from White Pages Premium: 

  1. Go to Whitepages Premium. 
  2. Find the record you want removed and copy the URL.
  3. Go to the Whitepages support request page and paste the URL.
  4. Complete the request form and submit it.

1. Visit the Whitepages Premium homepage and search your name

2. Find the record you removed. Right-click on “View Details” and select “Copy link address.”

3. Go to the Whitepages support request page and paste the URL from Step 2.

 4. Fill out the remaining fields on the request form. These include your:

  • Email address
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number

Whitepages will also ask for a “Subject” and “Description” to outline the details of your request. Once you enter that info, click “Submit.”

5. Check your email.

Whitepages Support will soon send a form email confirming receipt of your request. This message includes a request number to reference if you’d like to follow up later on.

Removing your listing from Premium usually takes around three days or so, unless you have entered the wrong information.

Be sure to keep your request number handy should your listing pop back up in the future.

I’ve deleted my personal information from White Pages. What now?

Getting your info removed from White Pages is a great first step to protect your privacy.

But just because your Whitepages listing is gone doesn’t mean your personal data is in the clear, not by a long shot. 

Whitepages is just one of countless data brokers that make money selling your personal info. 

And because public records are public, and social is social, there’ll be no shortage of platforms gathering your data in the future. This means sites like Whitepages will continue to pop up in search and sell your info until you do something about it.

How do I remove myself from people-search sites?

Most people-search platforms have their own process for opting out and removing your personal info. Following each site’s instructions is key to deleting your personal data from search and erasing a very real threat to your privacy, safety and online reputation

Unfortunately, finding each site’s opt-out process and completing each step correctly can be a challenge. Even finding the page to begin removal on sites like Whitepages can be a chore. This is because it’s not in any site’s interest to make the removal process easy.

What's more: getting your personal records removed isn’t always a given. This can make opting out a frustrating task that leaves many throwing up their hands and giving up completely.

So, how do I remove my information from Whitepages for good?

Online monitoring and reputation management are the answer

How Do I Remove My Information from Whitepages Reputation-Checklist

With hundreds of people-search sites and numerous opt-out processes out there, deleting your personal information from the web can be quite a challenge.

And because personal listings are everywhere and so easy to find, the only effective way to really protect yourself and your family is by monitoring and managing your online reputation.

The right tools and ORM strategy can help you overcome the challenges of personal data removal. They can also give you control over what friends, coworkers, bosses and enemies find when searching your name on the web, ensuring private info stays private and your identity in the right hands.

Privacy monitoring

How Do I Remove My Information from Whitepages Magnifying-Glass-on-Computer

Ongoing monitoring of your name and info in Google allows you to stay a step ahead of personal listings online. With a watchful eye on your digital presence, you can take action before threats get worse and destroy your reputation.

Setting up a Google Alert for your name can provide an immediate advantage in the fight for your online privacy.

And the right monitoring and removal solutions can automate listing removals and keep private info from creeping onto Google’s first page.

Reputation Management

Now that you have an answer to "how do I remove my information from Whitepages?" what's the next step?

How do you make sure your critical personal data stays out of search results and doesn't threaten your privacy?

Limiting the impact and visibility of personal info on the web is key to protecting yourself and your family.

And because the web is so unpredictable, managing your reputation can be an effective way to keep that info under wraps and out of sight. 

Our customized ORM campaigns utilize the latest in SEO and digital technology to give you control over your online presence. We work tirelessly to provide you ownership of your online presence while preventing harmful personal data from hurting you in Google search.

With the right plan for managing your online reputation, you can defend your online privacy from sites like and write your own digital narrative, building the image you want to share with the world. 

To learn more, visit us online or call an Internet Reputation ORM specialist today at 844-745-6673. 

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