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March 16, 2021

At, we are here to save consumers from costly litigation and stressful DIY reputation management practices. We accomplish this through fully integrated reputation management solutions. Targeting harmful online smear proprietors like and the removal of harmful content is the cornerstone of personalized reputation management.

Our customized solutions help you control your online reputation while achieving your goals and solidifying your future.

What's more: our holistic approach to online reputation management combines social media, content marketing and local SEO to ensure your reputation is strong online.

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Whether your goals concern privacy, personal branding or damage control, our affordable plans help make changes in any damaging situation. To that end, reputation management is a critical when someone is affected by online smear websites. This is particularly true for those impacted by revenge porn, a devastating reality affecting 8% of Americans today.

Below lies a detailed assessment of revenge porn, its far-reaching impact and how removal can be achieved through reputation management.

What is Revenge Porn?

Revenge porn is an unfortunate underbelly of the internet. Revenge porn sites publish illicit pornographic images, videos and other intimate media without the subject’s consent. It is typically used to harass, shame, and many times blackmail victims.

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In numerous cases, the humiliation is intensified by social media. With the subject’s social media accounts attached to the posts, many go so far as to post their phone number, email, job and physical addresses.

While e content is typically based on user submissions, the reality is even worse. In fact, site administrators often copy a large amount of their content from other websites.

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Doing this not only generates additional content, it also provides more opportunities for financial gain. This is because more victims means more opportunities for extortion and blackmail.

Revenge porn sites specialize in this practice and often request large amounts of money for content removal. They also tend to hide their contact information for victims to do so.

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True to its name, was an adult entertainment website specializing in revenge porn. But due to a lawsuit involving the FTC and the State of Nevada, the site was shut down in 2018.

Unfortunately, the site still matters today. Even though the site may be down, the pictures and videos it posted were picked up by other equally despicable websites. This is why removal from sites like is so important.

Effects of Being a Revenge Porn Victim

Being a victim of a revenge porn attack not only causes potentially irreparable reputational damage. It can also have severe professional, personal and emotional consequences.

On the emotional side, it is important to know where the content originates from in the first place. The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative carried out a survey concluding that 61% of respondents aged 18 to 30 had taken illicit photos or videos of themselves and shared them with someone. Of that 61%, 23% later became victims of revenge porn.

Once a victim of revenge porn:

  • Over 90% report harmful emotional distress
  • More than 80% report social, professional or other types of functional damage
  • Half report considering suicide

Additionally, a 2014 University of Richmond study found almost 95% of revenge porn victims suffered bouts of anger, guilt, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

Professionally, the far-reaching impact of revenge porn victim can include:

  • The hindrance on professional growth within a company
  • A negative effect on hiring
  • A decrease in career earning potential
  • Loss of job altogether

When not properly managed, a scandal can follow someone forever. And even when current or potential employers are sympathetic, victims often can wind up in situations where it's impossible to recover. Lawsuit

As expected, the lawsuit against was vast, with numerous complaints filed against the company. The core of the suit was that it peddled material that wasn't theirs and posted it without consent.

As indicated in the lawsuit itself:

“Anyone with Internet access can view the images and personal information on the site, and share it. These images can dominate search engine results for the victim’s name, are publicly available, and have often been associated with the victim’s social media presence. As a result, the victim’s family, friends, and even employer can view the images. The posting of the intimate images and personal information often leads visitors to engage in direct contact with victims and post crude commentary on the website about victims’ bodies and alleged promiscuity, resulting in vicious harassment of the individuals depicted.”

Additionally, the owners of took no responsibility for the validity of the claims submitted by users. And those same users were not subject to any identification verification, allowing for anonymous submissions often with no basis in fact.

Lastly, while claimed to be staunchly against child pornography, they acknowledged no record-keeping of those who posted. This gave impunity from punishing anyone posting illegal content.

Legal Options

Different states have different legal classifications for what's known as revenge porn. Some states treat it as a misdemeanor and others see it as a felony. Some, in fact, provide no legal recourse for it at all. Various state revenge porn laws can be found here.

If a victim wanted to take action against a website like, the process is long and arduous. This is particularly true when legal action is the desired route.

When that's the case, the following options are typically available: and Removal Options

  • Act quickly to gather the appropriate information
  • Ask the person who posted the content to remove it
  • Negotiate with the offending revenge porn site to secure removal of the content
  • Send Google a notice of revenge porn
  • Obtain copyright and send a DMCA takedown notice
  • File a lawsuit

We Help Restore Damaged Reputations with Removal from and Removal from Similar Websites

As shown by the lack of available revenge porn statutes across the United States, content removal is often the best means to help victims of these online atrocities.

Revenge porn content removal can be a long, drawn-out process that, disappointingly, may not guarantee success. Even websites claiming to be pro-victim still make it difficult to fight back and achieve the desired outcome.

In fact, victims of content who selected the “Contact” page, were continually directed to a Netherlands mailing address, where they could send cease-and-desist paperwork. Obviously, this option is not a preferred one.

With our help, victims simply pay a small setup fee and fill out a form with the appropriate information. Then, our team removes that harmful content as well as any other remaining links online.

Breaking links is a key component of the removal process. This is because simple page removal can leave behind a trail that shows up in search results. Eliminating the link, however, ensures all references to the content in question are permanently deleted.

Moreover, provides comprehensive monitoring services to ensure new copies of that content don't reappear anywhere else.

Restore Your Online Persona Today

There is no denying the intense power of the internet in today’s digital-driven ecosystem. While the internet has made so much of life easier, there are many negatives and bad actors whose sole purpose is to harm.

Never before has personal information been so easy to find. And in an age where online reputation is everything, that info is an increasingly precious commodity. Job prospects, relationship prospects and personal branding all hang in the balance.

Revenge porn is an ugly business. But with any luck, we can one day eliminate it completely. Until then, we're here to help. helps you determine what others see online, giving you the control you deserve.

During your free consultation, gets to know you and your personal goals. Our removal specialists then provide a technical analysis of your case. Once complete, we formulate a comprehensive online reputation management strategy to accomplish your goals as quickly as possible.

With a 97% satisfaction rating, the numbers speak for themselves.

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