7 More Ideas for Reputation Management Social Media Posts

7 more ideas for reputation building social media

Last week, I gave you 7 ideas for reputation management social media posts you could write up in about 15 minutes and customize for your particular strengths and challenges. (If you missed it, click right here.)

If you’ve burned through that week of content, you’re in luck. I have 7 more ideas you can use this week to help increase your reputation management success.
Here goes.

7 Ideas for Building Better Reputation Management Social Media Posts

Option 1: Speak Through Others

If you absolutely can’t think of anything to say, consider allowing someone else to do the speaking for you. Quote sites like Brainy Quote, Quote Garden and Goodreads arrange quotes by topic, so you can run a quick search about a specific keyword and see a ton of clever words others have written about that term.

Quotes are great, because they’re typically polished and ready for public consumption. But remember: You’ll need to attribute them properly. That means you’ll need to provide the name of the person who wrote the tidbit you’re posting. Otherwise, you could get into trouble for ripping off words that just don’t belong to you.

Reputation Management Social Media Idea: Look for a quote that relates to the industry in which you work, and share that quote with no added text. Or, look for quotes that contain a term your enemies are using to attack you, and share that quote with a few words of your own.

Option 2: Industry News

Every day, some 2 million blog posts are written, per this DigitalBuzz infographic. Blog entries about the industry in which you work can be excellent reputation management fodder. By sharing a key statistic, a valuable insight or a new perspective, you’re demonstrating your commitment to your work and your professional development. That could help you defuse claims that you don’t take your work seriously.

Reputation Management Social Media Idea: Embed a quote from a blog in your post, and express either agreement or disagreement with the ideas in that quote. Or, share a link to a blog entry you think is particularly interesting, and encourage your followers to give that blog a read.

Option 3: Workplace Insight

While industry bloggers may have all sorts of great ideas about how your industry works, you might have ideas of your own to share. Have you implemented something at work that has helped to boost revenues? Or has a change you suggested helped your company in some way? Any work improvement that starts with you and your ideas is a great thing to share.

Reputation Management Social Media Idea: Look through your employee evaluation forms, and pick out one or two accomplishments mentioned there. Or, just write up ideas you’re thinking about right now but haven’t had the chance to implement quite yet.

Option 4: Volunteer Description

While we’re a country made up of people who value volunteering, only 1 American in 4 actually volunteers, says VolunteerMatch. If you do donate your time on a regular basis, you’re doing something the majority of people will admire you for doing. And that makes for excellent social media posting opportunities.

These posts shouldn’t contain any kind of boasting or bragging. Even though you’re doing something everyone else should be doing, too, no one likes a know-it-all. Focus on writing words of gratitude for the opportunity to give back and make a difference, and you’ll be on the right track with this post type.

Reputation Management Social Media Idea: Take a selfie in your volunteer costume, or snap a selfie while you’re in the process of volunteering. If you’d rather keep your face out of your posts, use social check-ins and keep track of the times in which you arrive at your volunteering destination.

Option 5: Proof of Charitable Contributions

Public charitable organizations rely on donor contributions. In fact, the National Center for Charitable Statistics says 21 percent of 2012 revenue reported by public charities came from contributions, gifts and government grants. Without the help of average donors, these organizations just can’t stay afloat. And if you give, you’re part of that charitable success.

Posts in this model shouldn’t contain specific dollar amounts. You won’t want to seem as though you’re bragging about the money you’re giving away. But, you can use this space to encourage other people to donate money to a cause you support, or you could highlight your pride in supporting a group you think is doing great work. These sorts of posts prove that you’re an active, committed member of your community, and that’s a great reputation booster.

Reputation Management Social Media Idea: Highlight a key goal met by the organization you support, and state that this is just one reason you donate to this group. Or, pull together a post during an organization’s plea for pledges, and make it clear that your followers are joining you in their support if they donate.

Option 6: Mentor Name-Check

Is there someone in your life that’s done something extraordinary to help you? Parents, friends or even public figures could either influence you directly or they could lead by example and push you to do better in your own life. Sharing these stories of inspiration could inspire others, and these posts could help you to demonstrate that you notice and appreciate the work others do to help you. If your reputation attack suggests that you’re a cheat or that you’re selfish, these posts of gratitude could be really important for you.

Reputation Management Social Media Idea: Look for the social profiles of your mentors, and tag them in posts of thanks you write. Or share a story of someone who inspires you, and leave the name-check out of it.

Option 7: Workout Update

About half of all Americans meet published guidelines for physical activity, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I’ll bet that the other half of Americans wish they exercised just a little bit more. If you work out, you could provide that inspiration.

In addition, posts about exercise work a little like posts about hobbies. These are entries that demonstrate that your life is devoted to activities that are nourishing and helpful. Attacks that suggest that you’re lazy or selfish won’t have as much pull, when you’ve demonstrated how busy and dedicated you really are.

Reputation Management Social Media Idea: Describe the workout you’re planning, right before you head out to make it happen. Or, describe how wonderful you feel right after a workout. Are you ready to get to work on your own social posts? We hope so, and these ideas should make it really easy to get started. But, if you need a little more inspiration or assistance, reach out to us! We have a whole team of writers we can use to make your writing look great. Just contact us.

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