What is Online Reputation Management for Jobseekers?

Starting a career? Online reputation management for jobseekers can help.

Fresh out of college? Looking to kickstart an exciting new career? Learn how online reputation management for jobseekers can help build the online resume you need to realize your potential. 

When the power of the World Wide Web was first unleashed to the world in 1991, there were several functions that were immediately embraced by the public. E-mail and instant messaging made communicating with people all over the globe a task that no longer required a pen, paper and weeks of uncertainty, but rather a few clicks and keystrokes that could easily be copied, pasted and re-sent to other addresses.

Email has also helped reduce some of the liabilities involved with traditional mail carrier services.

Aside from communicating with family members and creating pen pals, one major function that the Internet revolutionized was the ability for job seekers and job recruiters to connect. Both parties benefitted from the ability to find jobs and applicants in a quicker fashion. Websites such as Monster.com launched with unprecedented success, allowing jobseekers to browse job openings that were more tailored towards their fields, locations and qualifications.
Meanwhile, job recruiters were also relieved to have access to a larger network of jobseekers with more potential to find the right fits.

Attn: Jobseekers

If you didn’t already know, when you send a job application online, your resume and cover letter are not the only things subject to scrutiny. If those two items pass the bill, it is still likely that the job recruiter will Google search you before calling you for an interview. This is where online reputation management is essential for individuals, especially those who are looking to enter the workforce.

Google search results can make or break your chances of getting selected for the job. But with an effective online reputation management for jobseekers strategy, you can:

Suppress Negative Content

Go ahead, Google search your name. What appears on the first page of search results? If the results are in any way unflattering, then those links should be remedied ASAP. Recruiters appreciate the power of the Internet, and most are willing to take your bad hair days with a grain of salt. But mugshots, court records, negative press articles and cheater/revenge porn sites can all tarnish your eligibility for the job. For this type of content, removal services from a trusted online reputation management company can go a long way in helping suppress malicious sites and content.

Promote Your Positive Press

Have you ever been mentioned online, whether it be on the media, on social media or on an organization’s website, for doing good in your community or professional field? If so, it is time to promote those links. There are a number of ways you can do this, but here are some examples below:

  • Visit these links frequently to generate traffic on the site. The more traffic those links receive, the higher they will rank on search results.
  • Include these links when sending out resumes and cover letters. This way, the employer will have direct access to the link while also adding to the site’s traffic.
  • Use a blog or social media profile to post these links and talk about them.

….and the last one brings us to our next point….

Improve Social Media

The statistics show that job recruiters have been increasingly checking social media profiles of job applicants. This means that you should filter your social media channels so that employers don’t come across any posts, images or comments that could hurt your eligibility. Now before you go deleting your Facebook account, know that there are a number of consequences that could also arise in doing so.

On top of the personal disadvantages that come with deleting social media accounts, it can also make you a ghost of sorts on the Web, which can give companies the wrong impression (especially if social media promotion is part of the job description). And with so many employers relying on social media to get a better idea of who you are, it is best to keep those profiles running and clean of any unflattering content.

Create a Killer Blog

If you want job recruiters to know that you are a true professional of your field, then share some of your knowledge and wisdom via a personal blog. Blogging is a catalyst for strong online reputation management for jobseekers, and is one of the best ways to demonstrate your insight on fields of interest. It is surely the best way of letting a potential employer know you have put in the time and effort to learn and grow in your field. Believe it or not, businesses use similar strategies to reel in customers, hence the concept of “inbound marketing.”

Grow Your Professional Network

If you are going to invest in your social networking in order to promote your professional career, and you do not have a LinkedIn profile yet, then you know exactly where to start. The numbers behind LinkedIn’s success as a job searching tool are nothing short of impressive, including perhaps the strongest point of them all: 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet their candidates.

And with over six million active job listings on the site, there is undeniable proof that LinkedIn’s claim of being the world’s largest professional network is not without merit.

As stated in the company’s mission statement, “When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do.” This, too, is not an embellishment. LinkedIn has created an invaluable opportunity for businesses and jobseekers to interact, which is why you want to look your best on the site.

Three Keys to a Strong LinkedIn Profile

  • A professional headshot for your profile picture. In the shot, look your best and wear attire that you would wear to a first interview.
  • Getting endorsements from past co-workers and colleagues is the best way to validate your skills.
  • Include detailed information in your bio, including past duties and successes with all companies you list on your work history.

Seeking employment can become a full-time job in itself. Sometimes it is wise to let others help in sprucing your online image so that you can focus your time on finding the best job opportunities.  InternetReputation.com offers online reputation management services for jobseekers that will handle the online presentation aspect and give you the backing you need to land that big interview.

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