7 Digital Tools to Build a Blog Page and Personal Brand People Trust

Want to really give your online reputation a lift?
Knowing how to build a blog can be a great way to improve your reputation and grow your online footprint.
Not only that, but blogging offers a golden opportunity to promote your expertise and create an online resume that boosts your career.

But while blogging can be a great boost your online reputation (and your search results), it can also be a challenge.
And without the right tools or knowledge at your side, trying to build a compelling blog can be downright frustrating, if not impossible.

Don’t worry. There are solutions

Fortunately, building a blog, even for the layman, doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.
With online tools like Google Analytics, easy-to-master video creation solutions, social management platforms and more, creating a blog that sparks conversation and gets you noticed is faster and easier than ever.

And when you know where to find these tools and how to use them, you can turn blogging into an exciting creative process, transforming those weekly updates into the professional, polished content you need to build a winning online image that unleashes your full potential.

Tools to Build a Blog and Boost Your Brand

Have great content, but can’t find your audience?
A recent Blog Herald article by Internet Reputation content pro Brandon Purdum looks at simple, budget-friendly digital tools to build the personal brand, blog page and online visibility you need to reach new readers and get results. 

From tweaking your Linkedin page to creating captivating graphics, Purdum outlines affordable ways to improve engagement and spotlight your work across the web.

What are you waiting for? Check out these quick and easy tips for building a blog that empowers success and puts you in control of the conversation.

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