5 Reputation Management Tips for Brand Marketers

5 reputation management tips for brand marketers

Need help getting the word out? Our Reputation Team offers 5 reputation management tips brand marketers can use to improve visibility and connect with consumers across the web. 

In the world of the internet, your reputation is up for grabs every day. Even if you play by the rules, keep your customers happy and have a great product or service — there is no telling what the next day might hold!
For instance, on any given day you could be dealing with any of the following:

  • Angry customer leaves their review on Google for everyone to see
  • A defective product or service leads to controversy, personal damage and possibly negative media coverage
  • Your competition decides they want to take out their problems against you and writes false statements about your brand online

What a nightmare! You did all the right things and now your reputation is put at risk!

As you can imagine, managing your online reputation is a lot more than just making sure everything is good and clean on your end. It’s about OWNING your brand and what people see in the search results when they look for your name. It’s also about knowing where to look, how to find it fast and how to address the situation. Below we’ve listed five excellent reputation management tips every brand marketer can use to better improve their chances for maintaining their good reputation online, while also keeping your clients and customers happy in the process.

5 Reputation Management Tips for Brand Marketers

By implementing each of these practices into your existing business and branding efforts, you will have better control over how your name and brand looks when someone searches for it online.

1 – Your Must Own Your Search Results

This is probably the most important and obvious way to defend your name against fraudulent activity, defamation and complaints from anonymous customers and your competition. Whenever someone looks for something online, they always start with a search engine — whether it be Google, Bing or Yahoo, you need to make sure your site ranks at the top of the search results… if not the whole first page.

2 – Kick Your Social Game into Gear

The internet is quickly changing and it’s not just about what people are reading on your sites or how they are engaging with your mailing list. Now it’s more about what other people are saying and where they say it. With over a billion users on social networks, you need to not only monitor what people are saying about your brand — you also need to make sure your brand is prevalent!

3 – Blogging is the New SEO 

While SEO is the core of many reputation management practices, having a blog helps protect and grow your brand in more ways than ever. Blogs are alive and Google loves the fresh new content that flourishes from them on a daily basis. Blogs are also engaging and allow people to leave comments and share content with their social following. Implement a blog into your brand and business and not only will you rank higher in the search results for your brand, you will also rank for any relevant content you write about as well.

4 – Get Creative with Your Online Marketing

Your competition is writing blog posts on a daily basis and are always sending out engaging social updates to their followers. Congrats for them, now what else can you do with your brand to be even more exciting and engaging? Get creative! Study what your competition is doing, and do it better. This could be anything from posting interviews on your blog with industry experts, creating how to videos to post to YouTube or even creating infographics for your audience to share.
Go outside your comfort zone and invest in your brand by creating quality content that people want to read, see and share with others.

5 – Monitor, Monitor, Monitor

No matter how many times we say it, monitoring your brand mentions is extremely important. We’ve talked about SEO, ranking higher, social media and even content generation — but what good is it all if you aren’t tracking who is saying what, and where it’s being said. You must monitor all search, social and news mentions around your brand. Fortunately we’ve created the perfect tool for you to monitor your personal name and brand mentions at no cost!

The Importance of Reputation Management for Brand Marketers

No matter what your current job is or what industry you are working in, it’s extremely important to have a clean first impression online. Every day someone new is searching for your brand or business, and they may even be finding it by mistake. No matter how they find it, you need to make sure that it’s a good first impression. By implementing our five recommended practices above, you will improve your chances for a better first impression online. If you can’t manage these tasks on your own, we’re always just a phone call away.

To learn more about how to keep your online reputation clean and always have a great first impression, feel free to contact InternetReputation.com at 941-259-4554 or click here to setup a free consultation.

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