What Will Grandma Find on Google?

What Will Grandma Find on Google?

Your business is on the web. The question now is, what will grandma find on Google? Find out what grandma and others are learning about your brand – and what you can do to fix it. 

Yep. Your grandma is online.

And despite what you think, she’s not looking for how-tos on knitting – or watching videos on how to master the newest version of Minecraft.

No. As you picture granny sipping tea and combing through discussion boards on home-cooked lasagna, she’s actually doing something you’d never expect.

Granny’s Googling your business (she wouldn’t, you know if you only called once in a while – ahem).
And what keeps popping up?

Your Google reviews

That’s right. As granny searches your company online, one of the first things she notices is your Google business reviews – those tucked neatly into your Google My Business profile at the top right of the page.

And what she sees may land you just outside her good graces – perhaps earning you a few less of your favorite treats in her annual Christmastime care package (NO!!!!).

So, if negative Google reviews are threatening to put you on granny’s bad side (if she has one) – and you happen to be quite fond of her famous Yuletide ginger snaps (thank you very much) – it may be time for a little Google review cleanup.

Google Business Reviews are taken seriously

Like it or not, most casual searchers – even grandma – tend to take online reviews to heart, no matter how much they know you, your business or how questionable those reviews may be.

And negative Google reviews have been shown to drive away more than 90% of people who find them, hurting both your reputation and your bottom line.

Many business reviews are phony

Google doesn’t do a great job filtering out phony Google My Business reviews – or even those that violate their Terms of Service.

That means a fake or nasty review of your business, even if it fits in the “liar liar, pants on fire” category, could be a daily drag on your online brand – putting your company on grandma’s naughty list in the process.

Reviews are hard to remove

Flagging a fake Google review is easy. But getting it removed is hard, even after filing multiple reports and numerous follow-ups with a Google rep. It often takes ongoing complaints – done over weeks or months – to get any movement in the removal process. And even then, it may then require some polite nudging of the Google business support team to get satisfaction.

Snippets are out of your hands

And what about those 5-10-word business review blurbs at the bottom of your profile? For better or worse, Google has all the control over the review ‘teasers’ that are featured here – snippets that are often more than grandma needs to make a snap judgment of your business.

It may be time for a review management strategy

Ever wondered, “what will grandma find on Google?”

Negative Google reviews may be giving granny the wrong impression. And without an effective review management strategy in place, they could also be damaging your bottom line.

If bad Google My Business reviews are hurting your brand – and your standing with grandma – it may be time to consider the help of a professional.

For help with your negative Google content, call 941-259-4554 today.

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