How the Google & Twitter Partnership Can Affect Your Online Reputation

Close-up of a smartphone screen displaying the twitter app icon next to the google app icon, symbolizing the Google-Twitter partnership.

What is the impact of the recent Google-Twitter partnership? Get the latest on how this connection affects your online image. 

Google and Twitter are two of the most potent forces on the internet, and they have now combined forces. What does this mean for you and your brand, and what might people see in the search results? In the past, Twitter was Twitter, and Google was Google… if you focus your efforts on one or the other, now it’s time to focus your efforts on both.

It’s not just about what you or your brand say on Twitter but, more importantly, what everyone else says. The last thing you want to appear on the first page of the search results for your name or brand is a rant from someone about how they hate your brand or something that went wrong during their customer experience. With this new Google + Twitter partnership, all of these possibilities have come into play.

Everyone should consider reading two valuable resources to allow these new conditions to sink in 5 Things Brands Need to Know about the Google-Twitter Partnership and the article ” What the Google-Twitter Partnership Means for Brands.

Google-Twitter Partnership =  Your New Online Reputation

With a new world of search results right around the corner, monitoring your online reputation and brand mentions will quickly become a top priority for every individual, brand, and business. Along with these changes comes a new approach and mentality for protecting your brand online—we’ve laid a few out for you below.

How Google Will Start to Index Tweets

Google is already indexing Twitter social media updates within its regular search results. To ensure that the best content from your social media channels gets indexed, you will need to ensure the proper formatting is in place. This includes using your brand name, products, and any other key phrases you might want your social updates to rank for.

A Wall of Protection is Now Required

In the past, if something was said on Twitter, it would get posted and usually get lost in the mix over time. Now, when something is posted, there is a chance it will get indexed on Google and go mainstream. Setting up a wall of protection with your blog is now a requirement, as the landscape of Google search results will change forever. In short, you must own the first page of the search results for your name, brand, and business — and we can show you how!

You Still Need to Monitor All Brand Mentions Everywhere

One of the best ways to protect your brand and know what people are saying is to set up a monitoring system so you know when and where your brand or name is being mentioned. We stress this constantly, as we’ve built the software and monitoring system to make this happen. If you aren’t actively monitoring the search results, blogs, and social media for brand mentions, now is the best time to get started.

Twitter was First… but Which Social Network is Next?

Twitter is the first of many social media partnerships that we will see in the coming months and years. Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn already have millions of active users posting new content to their sites daily, so it’s only a matter of time before their content gets indexed as well. Don’t just focus all of your efforts on Twitter right now. Also, make sure your other social media accounts are clean and intact for when they start to get indexed within the main search engines.

There are currently over 250 million users on Twitter, and everyone speaks their minds about their experiences, thoughts, and reviews about brands and companies they deal with daily. Don’t let these recent changes affect how others see your brand. Work alongside to improve how your brand looks online on both Google and Twitter. Contact us at 941-259-4554 or click here to set up a free consultation.

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