What Do Reputation Defender Complaints Reveal About the Company?

Reputation Protector

A reputation protector like Reputation Defender may not be all it promises. Learn everything you need about choosing an online reputation management firm with our guide. 

Your Internet reputation is more important than you might realize. While businesses often work hard to build their reputations within the community, far too few are paying attention to what’s being said about them on the web and their online reputation management.

Before you hire someone to be a reputation protector and to help you with online reputation management services, make sure you view review sites like the complaints on Reputation Defender and others.

A negative online presence or online reputation can be bad news for your business. Especially at a time when more people rely on the power of the web to research buying decisions. Even on local levels.

Gone are the days when doing a good job was enough. Now you have to worry about what’s being said about you in venues you don’t even know about yet. Protecting your online reputation is a necessary aspect of doing business today.

Because the Internet is such a large area to cover, it is nearly impossible for the average small business owner to constantly monitor their online reputation. Even if you think you have a handle on it, it can easily become a full-time job. This is where a reputation protector or online review management professional comes in.

Why Online Reputation Management Services are Vital for Your Business

Here’s a shortlist of what active online reputation management entails:

  • Generating positive information about your business to be found in online search.
  • Monitoring dozens, or more, review sites to make sure negative online reviews aren’t floating around about your business and boosting positive reviews as much as possible.
  • Creating and maintaining a website, blog, and a steady stream of positive content for net audiences with proper search engine optimization.
  • Maintaining an active and productive social media presence on multiple platforms.

All of these things are in addition to managing your business, creating new products or services, and ensuring customer satisfaction whenever possible. It’s a lot of work. Much of it is in fields you are not trained to deal with.

This is why it is a great idea to hire a professional online reputation management company so you can take reputation management off your plate and focus on what you’re great at. Click here to learn more about how we can help you with reputation management services here at InternetReputation.

Be Wary of Reputation Defender Complaints

That is why many business owners and entrepreneurs turn to the first name they find to help them with online reputation management you need to be wary. This can be a bad move for your business.

Need proof? Just take a look at the many Reputation Defender complaints online. Reputation Defender products begin and end with them as a company. Their negative reviews shed light on their poor business practices. You might also be wondering: Is Reputation Defender legit?

Think about it. Net Defender is a company that is dedicated to removing complaints, bad reviews, and other negative information online that can damage reputations.

What are Reputation Defender Complaints Saying About the Business?

Despite this, there are many Reputation Defender complaints to let you know that this company is bad news for reputation repair. In fact, one complain read:

Don’t think twice about hiring this company – think three times and then don’t do it.”


They don’t get much better from this point forward.

The litany of complaints against the company includes a variety of negative actions, including:

  • Ineffective methods for online reputation management.
  • Bait and switch pricing tactics.
  • Massive pricing increases after the first round of service.
  • Questionable business methods.
  • Lackluster responsiveness.
  • Terrible customer service.
  • Sketchy communication.
  • Poorly written content and materials.
  • Vindictive attitudes toward customers who decline to renew.

This list is only the beginning. Many customers have complained about the quality of content provided by the company as part of the reputation management package they offer. Some even stated they had to rewrite the content due to broken grammar and poor phrasing.

Beyond that, numerous Reputation Defender complaints remain on websites like the Better Business Bureau website and Trustpilot. Many of these complaints warn prospective customers to tread carefully when dealing with the organization and not to let them handle your business’s online reputation management.

The stock and trade of organizations like Reputation Defender is their ability to remove negative information and customer complaints from the World Wide Web.

Key Takeaways About Reputation Defender Complaints

What does it say about these companies when the majority of customer reviews contain negative information about the business?

It can’t be good news for customers, most of whom are seeking to fade into anonymity, to come out and complain about the services provided.

The key takeaway from discussions about customer complaints and their visibility in search results is this: if an online reputation management company can’t control its own reputation, how can it be trusted to produce acceptable results for its clients?

Preying on the Desperation of Others

Most people do not think of services like the service Reputation Defender provides until they find themselves in need of reputation management services. The problem is simple. People feel desperate when their good names or the names of their businesses are being disparaged online.

You may even feel violated and maligned if you find yourself in a situation where reputation management is needed. Reputation Defender plays on your fears and desperation – the need to clear your name and defend your business. For many people, there are few things that are more important or needs that are direr.

People often choose the first name they come across when searching online for organizations to help them out in cases like these. They believe in the company’s positive messaging and seek to get the help they desire.

Many of them get this reputation management “assistance” at a hefty price tag when working with Reputation Defender.

It doesn’t take long, or even much effort, to do a little research about their reputation on your own. Just read a few of the online reviews about the organization left on independent review websites, like:

  • Trustpilot
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Angie’s List
  • Consumer Reports
  • Influenster
  • Citysearch

In a matter of minutes, you can learn about the experience of others who have worked with the company.

Even more telling, though, you can see for yourself how the organization responds to complaints made against them.

At the end of the day, though, when you’re reading complaints about companies like Reputation Defender, you must ask yourself how well they’re going to defend your reputation if they’re not doing a great job of defending their own.

It’s a legitimate question. One to ask before you spend thousands of dollars on an ineffective reputation management campaign to restore your reputation and help promote your brand.

Alternatives to Reputation Protector?

With so many Reputation Defender complaints online, it makes perfect sense that you might be interested in finding reliable alternatives to help restore your reputation or that of your business.

While it is true that you can do some of the work of restoring your reputation yourself, it is a time-consuming process. Your time is better served to do things that are profitable and effective for your business.

Potential Online Reputation Management Scams You Should Avoid

Not all online reputation management companies are equal. You might fall prey to an internet reputation scam if you are not extra careful. For instance, some reputation management companies might promise you that your business profile will be completely free of negative news. This is completely false since this is subject to external factors. While a reputation management company can monitor search engines and perform social media marketing if you engage in their online reputation management service, it is almost impossible to ensure that your business will be free of negative reviews 24/7.

Another thing to look out for is the legitimacy of these reputation management companies. Some of them may not be as capable as they advertise themselves to be and might be overselling their services and the outcomes. So do ask more about the process of the companies and understand what you are getting yourself into before engaging their service.

Think about all the steps involved in defending your business reputation online:

  1. Build and maintain a website.
  2. Create a blog.
  3. Write regular content for your blog.
  4. Write guest blog posts for other blogs.
  5. Monitor review websites.
  6. Address customer concerns on these sites in hopes of changing reviews.
  7. Contact review site admins to state your case when customers are unresponsive.
  8. Providing positive, thoughtful feedback when dealing with customer complaints.
  9. Maintaining an active social media presence on multiple fronts including (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others)

It’s exhausting just thinking about it. More importantly, these are tasks you’ll need to address daily. This is on top of the full day you already put into building your business.

Do you really have time to dedicate to all this, worry about Google search results, and make sure your search engine optimization is on point while running your business?

That is a lot. So, what other options are there for managing my brand online?

There are other services available to consider. For instance, you can consider hiring an in-house reputation manager. You may also leverage services that have positive reputations themselves and can help you build the positive web presence you seek for your business.

The truth is that the abundance of Reputation Defender complaints hurts all businesses in this industry. Many of them do not deserve to be lumped into the same category. If you take a little time, though, you will find it isn’t difficult at all to identify game-changers from the industry duds.

Internet Reputation understands the challenges of defending your reputation online. We know the devastation you feel when seeing negative information posted online about you or your business.

We’ve made it our mission to help businesses, like yours, recover from the negativity and rise above it with our model for online success and reputation management.

Whether you’re looking for information on how to fix negative results, build your brand, defend against identity theft, or remove personal information altogether, we can help!

Need help with Reputation Defender complaints? Call at 941-259-4554 today!

Let us walk you through our process for helping you get real results for your business now and in the future as we seek to offer a one-stop solution for all your brand building and image-saving needs online.

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