How to bury or push down negative google search results

7 Ways to Bury Negative Google Search Results and Restore Your Reputation

How to bury or push down negative google search results

How do you bury negative Google results before they bury you?

More than ever, people are turning to Google for info on your personal brand. 

And what they find on Google’s first page is what shapes their opinion who you are and your value as a job candidate, employee, colleague and member of the community. 

Just one negative Google search result is all it takes to create a bad first impression. When left alone, that result can erode your reputation, hurt your career and scare customers away from your business.

And if bad links are hanging around in searches of your name, it may be time to take action and remove those negative search results fast.

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What’s the first step to bury bad Google results?

What’s the first step to bury bad Google resultsWant to learn how to push down negative search results in Google? It’s important to understand why those results rank in the first place. Understanding why certain results rank over others – and why your name pops up for different keywords – determines the time and effort it takes to bury bad Google results and boost positive content.

There are a variety of reasons content ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs). But the most important include:

  • Content quality (how well content is written, displayed and addresses search queries)
  • How relevant the content/result is to the search query
  • How many visitors view that content regularly (site traffic) 
  • The number and quality of backlinks directing visitors to that content

Knowing what affects search ranking can improve your understanding of why some results are higher than others. It can also provide a better idea of why bad content is showing up during searches of your name. 

But knowing how to push down negative search results and strengthen your personal brand online is something else entirely.

So, exactly how can I change the results of Google search?

Changing Google search results and improving your first-page presence usually requires a good online reputation management (ORM) strategy. When done right, a professional ORM campaign combines the power of optimized asset creation and information removal with SEO best practices to remove negative content from Google search. In turn, this helps strengthen your online footprint.

But while ORM can sometimes take months to start achieving results, there are things you can do now to mitigate problems and repair your brand.

Here are 7 ways to bury or push down those negative Google results and turn things around for your reputation:

1) Start a blog

Starting a blog can be an effective way to nudge negative Google search results off of the first page. An optimized blog allows you to create fresh, useful content that grows your digital presence and gets the attention of Google crawlers

And the more you update your blog and highlight your expertise, the more positive and robust your reputation will become.

2) Build additional blogs on free content networks

Free blog sites like Blogger, Medium and WordPress offer a golden opportunity to develop quality content around your name or business. They also provide a great way to support existing content and build authority in your given field.

And, free blogs allow you to create even more positive assets to populate search. In turn, these new assets help change Google results and bury negative links hurting your reputation.

Here’s a helpful WordPress tutorial on setting up a free blog fast:

3) Create profiles on all major social networks

How to bury or push down negative google search results

Claiming your name and brand on social is free, easy and an effective way to expand your digital footprint. Sites like TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and TikTok are prized by Google and get the VIP treatment during searches of your name.

Creating profiles on social media and updating your social feeds regularly helps build a protective barrier at the top of page one. It also helps push down any negative search results haunting your brand on Google.

4) Remove negative images from social

How to bury or push down negative google search results

Unflattering images often get posted and buried in social feeds, only to show up on Google in the future. And when that happens, they can create real problems for your personal brand, presenting a negative image that hurts your reputation and kills opportunities.

Fortunately, the power to remove bad images from Google is often in your hands.

Take time to sort through photos on your website, social profiles and elsewhere. Once you identify questionable photos, take steps to remove them quickly. Doing so may provide a much-needed boost to your reputation.

5) Write quality content for authorities in your industry

One of the best ways to build a positive search presence is through guest blogging. Publishing useful, high-quality content on industry forums and discussion boards helps get your name in front of a much larger audience. It also strengthens your online resume and showcases your expertise on trusted third-party platforms. 

What’s more: getting published on high-authority sites provides others a way to find, share and link to your content down the road. In turn, this helps strengthen your own authority and control in Google searches of your name.  

6) Use visual content to increase exposure and improve engagement

No matter the industry, people love content they can engage with. By posting more engaging images, videos and graphics, you create a cache of shareworthy assets with the potential to reach a much larger audience.

And as the likes and shares grow, your content beings to generate the web traffic and engagement Google loves.  

Infographic tools like or Infogram provide easy-to-use templates for creating that next catchy graphic for your blog. And apps like Lumen5 and Filmora can help put the finishing touches on your latest video tutorial.

How to bury or push down negative google search results

7) Utilize press releases and global trends

Press releases are commonly picked up and indexed by Google. Where most press releases go wrong is that they’re irrelevant to 99% of people online.

To get more visibility out of this valuable online tool, keep your press releases relevant to what’s trending now on sites like Google Trends, Twitter and World News. By doing so, your website and brand will be more likely to get picked up by other media outlets.

Using press releases to announce recent accomplishments, professional benchmarks or upcoming company events helps generate more positive press for your brand. By extension, that increased coverage helps bury negative search results damaging your image. 

How to bury or push down negative google search results

Improving your Google reputation is possible. But sometimes results won’t budge without some extra help

Many individuals and brands can improve Google rankings with these tips and best practices. 

But often there are stubborn articles and links that just won’t budge in search rankings, including:

  • Negative news articles
  • Bad business reviews 
  • Slanderous blogs
  • Unflattering comments
  • Images and videos tagged to your name

When that happens, developing a strategy to bury or push down those negative Google search results may take some extra help. This is particularly true with ever-changing algorithms and the opportunity for searchers to share and spread bad news at a moment’s notice.

Getting Google search results to change for good isn’t just a matter of posting new content and hoping for the best. Removing a bad link and looking your best online takes a robust, professional online reputation management (ORM) approach.

A good ORM plan optimizes your existing assets, maximizes brand impact and ensures you’re in control of your first-page results for the long term.

How ORM can help to bury or push down negative Google search results

A personalized ORM strategy attacks online threats from multiple angles. This multi-layered approach helps you bury negative Google results fast and take control of your personal brand. 

Customized brand management works to strengthen the assets you have online. It also creates and pushes new, positive items up in search results while building a first-page firewall that protects your reputation.

With ORM, you can build a stronger digital presence that not only pushes negative results off of SERPs, but maximizes your potential and positions you for success.

To schedule a free consultation, visit us today or call 844-745-6673. We’re happy to provide you with a free, personalized reputation analysis.

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