5 Doctor Review Sites Your Practice Needs to Check NOW

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Doctor review sites and reviews are the most sought-after topics for individuals searching for information online. When it comes to a patient’s health, nothing comes close, which is why it’s so important for every doctor and medical practice to make sure they only have the best reviews highlighting their experience and history online.

In a previous article, we covered some of the most important statistics and facts about doctor reviews and the importance of building a relationship with their patients, which includes…

  1. Of patients looking for new doctors, 6 in 10 use online reviews, like those seen on Vitals.
  2. “Rude,” “horrible” and “bad” are top choices for negative words in published reviews.
  3. There are 6 million reviews on Vitals alone.

Now it’s time to look at some of the most popular doctor review sites on the internet. Not only will your patients be checking these review sites, but so will your peers and competition — which means you absolutely need to be checking and monitoring these sites for your name and reputation as well!

5 Doctor Review Sites Your Practice Needs to Check

 1. Facebook

Yes, of all the doctor-focused review sites out there, Facebook remains one of the most active sites for both reviews being posted and read. While it doesn’t have a category or dedicated site for doctor reviews, they do have individual page reviews for all local practices and locations out there.

2. HealthGrades

HealthGrades is one of the top sites for helping consumers find the right doctor and hospital in their area. With more than a million people going to their site daily, it’s safe to say that doctors and hospitals in your area are getting looked up and reviewed daily.

3. ZocDoc

ZocDoc is quickly building a name for itself in the healthcare niche, as millions of patients are visiting the site every month to find better doctors and medical professionals to fit their needs and healthcare requirements. Through ZocDoc, users can view open appointment times and book instantly through their site, while also viewing full reviews and contact information for doctors in the area.

4. Vitals

Vitals wants to the put consumer back in charge of making important decisions when it comes to their health and choosing the best medical professional, doctor or hospital. Through a collection of actionable data, digital tools and consumer expertise to empower consumers to make more informed, Vitals is allowing their site users to make their own higher-quality and lower-cost decisions about their care.

5. RateMDs

When it comes to rating and reviewing doctors around the country, look no further than RateMDs. With over 2 million active ratings on their site, RateMDs has become the go-to source for all things health and finding the necessary information on coverage, reviews and more.
In addition to the doctor review sites mentioned above, you will also find many negative reviews on sites like PissedConsumer, RipOffReport and BBB.

How to Monitor Doctor Review Sites and Protect Your Practice

Of course, you can manually search each of these sites on a daily basis to see what new reviews are popping up for yourself and your competition, but then you also have social media and other sites that are ranking in the search results every day.

The best way to monitor, track and remove negative doctor reviews, is through the use of our monitoring software and working alongside InternetReputation.com to not only suppress and remove any negative content you already have out there, but to also put forward a proactive effort to improve your reputation across the internet as well.
To learn more about how to take control over your doctor reviews and improve your online reputation in the process,  click here or call 941-259-4554 for a free consultation.

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