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Negative review analysis

Negative Business Reviews

We offer comprehensive solutions to fix bad online business reviews. If your business is having problems with negative reviews on sites like Yelp, our review management solutions can help you.

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Court case removal

Court Cases and Legal Records

Involvement with a court case is rarely good for a business’s reputation, and it can be particularly bad when court records end up on the Internet . Our Business ORM solutions will clean up the online reputation of your company by removing and/or suppressing online legal records resulting from court cases, lawsuits, indictments, etc. We can help.

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Slander and Defamation

When competitors, ex‐employees, and more take their grudges to the Internet, we combat their efforts to derail the online reputation of your business.

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Negative articles

Negative News Articles

Suppress the negative news articles that are causing you to lose clientele.

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Removal of online complaints

Online Consumer Complaints

A single complaint can cause your company to lose business. Don’t let one angry customer cause lasting damage to your business. Act now.

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Glassdoor Review Management

Are Glassdoor reviews hurting your company's reputation? We can help you repair the damage.

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Is your business losing customers to negative search results?

  • Internet searches are now the most common ways to research a business before trying it.
  • First impressions matter - when searching for a business online, most Internet users don’t go beyond the first page of search results.
  • Getting positive results on the first page of Google Search, Bing Search, etc., is our specialty; it’s what we do everyday! And as such, we’re quite good at it.
  • Our trusted business reputation management services offer a powerful toolkit of online reputation enhancing solutions that have already helped thousands of businesses, from small ma-and-pa shops to corporate conglomerates, get rid of unwanted content online, as well as establish a more positive presence on the Internet.
  • It’s quick to get started and to enhance your brand’s online image.

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reputation management strategy

How do you manage the online reputation of your business?

  • We publish new positive content about your company and identify existing web pages that mention your brand in a positive light.
  • We then promote this content on search engines until it replaces the negative press.
  • To safeguard your internet reputation from further threats, we offer a unique suite of business ORM tools that will monitor your business reputation and brand identity online. We also set up automatic alerts that will notify you any time a new mention occurs, thereby keeping your business reputation and brand identity protected online.

How long does business reputation repair take?

  • We offer several different business online reputation management packages, which we tailored to meet the specific needs of the businesses we take on as clients.
  • While campaigns vary in difficulty, each business orm campaign is overseen by a dedicated account manager to ensure that our clients start seeing results as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Our Client Satisfaction Policy offers confidence in our campaigns.

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Are Negative Search Results Hurting Your Business?

Maintaining a positive reputation online is vital to business success. Negative content can discourage potential clients and keep your business from growing. To protect the online image of your business, has developed effective online reputation solutions that work to quickly repair, improve and better manage business online reputations. Our Business ORM services will suppress negative content and optimize your search results so that when the name of your business or brand is searched for on Google, Bing or another search engine only positive results will be returned. We want to help you maintain a positive reputation online so that your business can continue to grow.

Manage the Online Reputation of Your Business

We make it easy. After signing up for our Business Reputation Management services, you will be asked to fill out a survey that covers basic information about your business, firm, practice, etc.

Our skilled journalists will then use this information to create positive content about your business. From here, our trusted SEO team will publish it on the Internet and use a process known as Reverse SEO to promote it until all negative articles and unwanted content is suppressed and nothing but positive blog posts, news articles and other misc. publications dominate the first page of search engine results for your business. Studies show that a vast majority of search engine users never go past page one when searching for info on a business, product or service. We specialize in getting positive results on the first page of your web searches so potential clients will get a strong first impression of your business if they decide to Google you before stopping in or ordering online.

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Our Promise To You: WE WON’T QUIT

We offer businesses a Client Satisfaction Policy. This policy states that if, at the end of the campaign, negative items remain on the first page of major search engines, will, at no cost to the client, complete an additional business ORM campaign of equal value

* For More Information About Our Client Satisfaction Policy, Please Contact Our Customer Success Department For Details.

Full Satisfaction Policy Details

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