Review Management & Business Reputation Monitoring Solutions

View in real time what's being said about you or your business. Instant Alerts:  All positive and negative mentions of your name will be instantly sent to your email to alert you of who's talking about you and what they said. Businesses:  Executive Insights, Customer Retention, Instant Customer Feedback and more! Individuals:  Who is Giving Away Your Personal Information, Positive Mentions, Negative Mentions and more! What else is included?
  • Instant Email Mention Alerts
  • Sentiment Trending & Analysis

Why Online Review Monitoring is a Must for Local Businesses Today

Personal recommendations are important.  However, a recent survey has found that 72% of customers trust online reviews just as much!  While online reviews can be hugely effective influencing your company in a positive way, negative online reviews can be equally damaging.  Another survey reveals that negative online reviews dissuade 80% of customers from patronizing a company! So what is your business doing to take online reviews under your control?  If the answer is nothing, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  While doesn’t believe in scare marketing techniques, we do know from experience that many companies underestimate the power of online reviews. If you aren’t taking online reviews seriously enough, you might want to reconsider your stance.  What appears to you as “one crazy person on the internet,” could be a powerful, persuasive review that siphons away thousands of dollars in potential earned revenues. is proud to offer online review management monitoring solutions to ensure that you’re well aware of what people are saying about your business on the internet.  We provide accurate, real time feedback on what customers are saying about you, including all sources, from social media (Facebook and Twitter) to blogs and critics. However, we don’t just keep you abreast of what others are saying about you, we also keep you informed about how your competitors are doing.  After all, it’s important to be aware of how your company is performing online in the greater market. What are you waiting for?  Your reputation is worth too much.  Find out more our Monitoring Solutions by calling 800-758-9012 Tap into the Power of Positive Mentions:  Find out when your customers are satisfied and what they liked about your services or products! Monitor All Reviews:  Browse all your online reviews from one portal and view in real time what is being said about your business or brand! Call 800-758-9012 Now sign-up-now