Frequently Asked Questions


In short summary, our services clean up your online reputation and make Google results look better. When someone is looking you up online we make sure they are exposed to the information that you want them to see to help you look the best you can.

As part of any campaign we want the end result to be a positive reputation online. After we are done doing our work, we want your personal name or business name to show the real information you want portrayed when someone does a Google search to conduct due diligence and check you out online. This can include achievements, accolades, general information and any type of content you want searchers to see when they are looking you up. For situations that have one or multiple negative items coming up prominently for their name we will attack these at the source. We will attempt removal at all negative items and use any resource to mitigate the damage including takedowns and burying/suppressing methods.

Yes, for all Reputation Management Campaigns you will have full access via telephone and email to your very own Account Manager.

Overall we will create, disseminate and optimize many digital assets, online profiles, websites, and press releases and get them live on Google. We will then optimize this content and information and boost it up in the search engines to help take over the prominent pages of Google where people conducting due diligence contain their search to. As part of each campaign we will also attempt removal at every negative item and worst case will push the negative items back where searchers do not see it.


While it would make it much easier to have a one size fits all package, due to the dynamic environment of the Internet including number of existing digital assets, competition of keyword phrases, amount of negative items, and other numerous factors, each case is different. We field inquiries from the individual looking to clear up one negative item to large Corporate companies that have millions of listings and are currently getting attacked in the press. Our services start at $399 and go up to $1,000,000 and more. Please call us at (800) 758-9012 for a quick consultation and free analysis on your situation. An analysis and quote can typically be completed in less than 5 minutes.

*Large corporate accounts please specify so we can get you to the correct department to handle your inquiry.

Most of our solutions are one-time fee, fully expedited programs. Many individuals only need the one-time fee service and do not need any other services to help their online reputation. A majority of businesses also fall into the category of a one-time clean up to completely fix their online reputation. Some businesses due to size, ongoing negative issues and customer problems or prominent and high profile individuals may want to consider our month to month solutions after the initial campaign. The pricing for the month to month solutions are at a lower cost than the initial clean up package. Your representative will let you know beforehand which category you would fall into.


When your campaign starts, you will have your initial call with your Account Manager immediately. If you are able to give your Account Manager sufficient information about what you want to be created and disseminated to the search engines (achievements, accolades, general information) our average turnaround time for the first round of journalist created content is 24-48 hours. After we send you back the journalist created content for your approval, the first round of digital asset creation turnaround time is 24-48 hours after that. So within the first week as part of the initial blast, you can expect to see many new items appearing for your keyword phrases and large fluctuations in your Google results.

Most initial campaigns to complete the clean up of your Google results take 30-60 days. Your representative can inform you of your expected time frame.

At the start of any campaign you are assigned an Account Manager who will have an initial call with you to get your campaign started. Please give them as much detail as you can about you and/or your business. We need this information to create the rounds of content on your behalf so we have something to put on all the digital assets that will be created.
Your Account Manager will fully analyze all keyword phrases targeted and work with the team of programmers and tech analysts assigned to your campaign to identify problematic links and/or content that is showing up for your keyword phrases. Your team will also analyze any current positive information and existing client-controlled digital assets to also use as part of a campaign.

If applicable for your campaign, the removal experts will analyze all sources of negative/unwanted information and will attempt removal of those items through various techniques including but not limited to: TOS Violations, DMCA takedowns, Trademark Infringement, HIPAA Violations, and numerous internal methods.
The next step in the process is our journalist team creating 300-400 word profiles about the subjects and information you have relayed to us. When the first round of content is created, we will send it to you first so you can read through it for final approval. If there is any content you need to add, edit or delete, please do so and send back the final approved version.

Your Account Manager will then hand over the final versions of content to our programmers and graphic artists who will create the first round of online profiles, websites, and press releases (syndication to major PR networks with over 6000 news networks). These will include but are not limited to; blog posts, online profiles, targeted niche articles, press networks and aggregates.

After the first round of digital assets is complete, we will have our optimization experts do the tech work needed to optimize everything positive about you and/or your business and this is what actually makes the movement of the wanted content above the unwanted movement.

After numerous rounds of the initial stages of the campaign (amount of rounds varies per campaign and individual situation), in the end this process will create what’s called a Virtual Firewall. This Virtual Firewall is made up of all the digital assets that are both optimized on page and off page and are ranking/showing prominently for your targeted keyword phrases. It helps prevent any unwanted items from coming up prominently and helps prevent any potential future unwanted items from being seen where users contain their search to.


No, we do not lock you into any long term contract. We have a simple Terms of Service to agree to found Here. This TOS does not apply to large custom corporate accounts. Large corporate accounts please inquire with a corporate account representative for further information.


Yes, we do not want to control anything that is rightfully yours and of more use to you than us. We create all content, all the digital assets and optimize everything both on and off page but we then hand over everything to you at the end of the campaign including the admin and passwords.


Please contact us at (800) 758-9012 or fill out this form to get a custom quote and detailed information on what we can do for your particular situation. If you are ready to start a campaign, please contact us and we can get you started right away.