What Are Hotel Reputation Management Services?

Researching hotel reputation management services? We answer some of the world's many hoteliers' most pressing questions in 2021, as reflected by recent online search activity.

In 2021, what are hoteliers discussing when it comes to their reputation management, particularly online? From precisely why reputation management is so important for hotels to how much reputation management services are likely to cost, we'll delve into around a dozen of the most pressing questions surrounding hotel reputation management software and services.

These questions represent what's being asked online, right now, all based on live search activity on the web's leading search engines.

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At the same time, we'll explain what makes an excellent reputation management service. We'll also tell you why NetReputation—now the web's #1 online reputation management services provider—could be the perfect solution for you and your establishment. This starts with offering a free, no-obligation analysis of your current hotel reputation management measures.

Keen to learn more? Without further ado, then, here are 2021's most-asked hotel reputation management services questions so far, answered honestly and concisely for your information and convenience.

#1: What is hotel reputation management?Hotel reputation management is the process of carefully monitoring and helping to promote the positive perception of your establishment among past, present, and future guests.

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In 2021, this is largely centered around the internet and a growing number of emerging mobile apps. This comes as hotel reputation management services have shifted toward a focus on dedicated review websites such as Booking.com, Hotels.com, Oyster.com, and Tripadvisor.

The same is also true of social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and search engines, including Google and Bing, as well as any corresponding applications owned and maintained by these services.

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#2: What are reputation management services?
Reputation management services are most easily thought of as an extension of traditional public relations activities. Both combine multiple strategies designed to maintain or improve an individual, business, or organization's reputation.

However, reputation management companies are distinct from public relations—or PR—firms for a number of reasons and should not be confused unnecessarily. PR firms tend to focus mainly on old-school relationships with the media, while reputation management companies, existing chiefly online, look to address the public at large and are more technical in their approach.

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As such, they tend to focus on the provision of positive online content, social media management, analysis, monitoring, and legal and other solutions. That said, many of the top online reputation management companies deal directly with PR firms and vice versa.

#3: Why is reputation management important for hotels?
With the internet at their disposal, every guest is now potentially a critic. It's no secret that hotels can sink or swim on the basis of their reviews or star ratings, especially online. It's for this reason, first and foremost, that reputation management is so important for hotels.

Never before has actively managing and controlling a hotel's reputation been more vital. Many reputation management experts would argue, in fact, that very, very few industries are more vulnerable to impact stemming from damage to the names, renown, or good standing of businesses than the hotel sector.

#4: Why do people talk about other hotels in the area but not mine?
Effective marketing has long been considered the key to hotel industry success. However, even the greatest marketing strategies on the planet can't prevent or protect against reputation damage.

Today, people are equally as likely to be speaking negatively about a hotel as they are to be praising it or discussing it in a positive light. Something of a double-edged sword, the public talking about other hotels in the area—but not yours—could mean one of two things.

On the one hand, these other hotels could be excelling and overshadowing your efforts in the process. At the same time, they may have fallen prey to serious reputation damage – something that people will always love to talk about.

To best position yourself in the market, one of the greatest steps that you can take is to promote and protect your reputation. This way, you'll soon be the absolute talk of the town, and for all of the right reasons.

#5: How can hotel reputation management services preserve a hospitality organization's good reputation in the market?
Mismanaged, or not managed at all, it's possible for a hospitality organization's reputation to tank almost overnight. By proactively managing your hotel's reputation, you automatically gain an advantage over other establishments in the area not taking such precautions.

Actively handled, hotel reputation management services help proprietors to keep a keen eye on review websites, monitor social media, react to any negative or malicious online content, and encourage positive feedback in the process.

#6: Is it worth investing in a professional hotel reputation management company?
A better question might be, 'Can I afford NOT to invest in a professional hotel reputation management company?'

This is especially pertinent if your competitors are already taking steps to address their hotel reputation management service needs.

#7: How much does hotel reputation management cost?
Like any form of reputation management, costs vary. Online reputation agency costs differ depending on the scale of projects and what their clients wish to achieve, as well as the complexity of any work required.

Generally speaking, expect custom reputation management services to cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars or more subject to what's agreed.

As a side note, be sure to explore the current typical pricing for reputation management software alone. When you factor in the reality that hotel reputation management services also include their experts' time, software on its own can begin to feel very expensive indeed.

Hotel reputation management services, on the other hand, particularly when considering the value of what's at stake—and offset against the true value of maintaining an impeccable standing for hoteliers—often represent outstanding value for money and can be surprisingly affordable for many.

#8: How can hotel reputation management services improve my profitability and efficiency?
Within the hotel sector, profitability very often directly correlates to reputation. The better a hotel's reputation, the higher its revenue per available room will be, thanks to that establishment's ability to charge a premium.

At the same time, by freeing up countless hours previously spent worrying about reputation matters by handing them over to an external agency, efficiency among management and other senior staff improves. As in any business, this is then likely to trickle down, helping to bolster efficiency at all levels.

#9: How long does it usually take for a hotel to implement new reputation management services?
This is a question often asked by hoteliers who have previously used self-managed hotel reputation software. Independently implementing third-party software can be extremely time-consuming and may take months to get successfully up and running.

By employing the services of an expert reputation management company, though, it's entirely possible to start seeing benefits within just days.

Benefits range from rapidly squashing negative Google results to tackling malicious or otherwise harmful online content concerning your hotel. Quickly prompting and promoting more positive results and reviews in the process, for many hoteliers, it's like most things in life: the sooner you get started, the better the outcome will be.

#10: What makes a great hotel reputation management service?
What makes a great hotel reputation management service largely mirrors what makes a great reputation management service more generally.

Look out for a company for whom fixing and protecting your online reputation is their top priority. Don't confuse expert hotel reputation management services with more general public relations industry or marketing agency offerings.

A stand-out online reputation management company will almost certainly utilize the latest technology and processes to build world-class campaigns for its clients. These will be the types of campaigns that get measurable and meaningful results, both in the hotel sector and within other markets.

Also, don't be afraid to ask for testimonials, particularly from other clients in the hospitality industry.

#11: Which reputation management service is right for my hotel?
It goes without saying that, at NetReputation, we rank ourselves extremely high in this regard. Distinct from standalone hotel reputation software propositions, we offer a comprehensive reputation management service, carefully and expertly tailored to each hotelier client's needs.

Our online reputation management process consists of numerous stages, including analysis, development, content, publishing, and promotion, as well as various others, many of which are exclusive to NetReputation.

Among these is bespoke retargeting. For our hospitality industry clients, this painstakingly tailored retargeting process allows us to focus on continued inertia wherein which the reputations, ratings, and reviews of their establishments continue to improve and flourish as time goes on.

We believe that, in a world of show and tell, your reputation as a hotelier is your most valuable asset. As such, at NetReputation, we ensure that your name, renown, and good standing alike are all handled with absolute care and

attention. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed, and all inquiries are answered completely free of any further obligation.

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