What Are Hotel Reputation Management Services?

hotel reputation management services

Researching hotel reputation management services? We answer your most pressing questions about hotel reputation management and how to protect your hospitality brand online.

What are hoteliers discussing when it comes to reputation management in 2021?

From why reputation management is important for hotels to how much reputation management services cost, we look at the most pressing questions surrounding reputation and ORM services.

We also look at the qualities found in an excellent reputation management service and show you why ORM may be right for your operation.

Want to learn more? Here are the most-asked hotel reputation management services questions for 2021:

#1: What is hotel reputation management?

Hotel reputation management is the process of creating, promoting and managing a positive perception of your establishment online.

In 2021, hotel ORM is mainly centered on a growing number of emerging mobile apps. This is because hotel reputation management services now focus more on dedicated review websites like Booking.com, Hotels.com, Oyster.com and Tripadvisor.

The same is true of social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and search engines like Google.

#2: What are reputation management services?

Essentially, reputation management services are primarily an extension of traditional public relations activities. Both combine multiple strategies to maintain or improve an individual, business, or hotel reputation.

However, reputation management companies are distinct from public relations firms for a number of reasons. For example, PR firms focus mainly on relationships with the media. Reputation management firms, however, address assets and appearance on the web.

As such, they tend to focus on things like online content generation, review management, social media management, digital analysis and so on.

That said, many top online reputation management companies partner with PR firms regularly.

#3: Why is reputation management important for hotels?

With internet access easier than ever, every guest is now a potential critic. It’s no secret that hotels often sink or swim based on online reviews or star ratings. It’s primarily for this reason that reputation management is so important for hotels.

Never before has managing and controlling your hotel’s reputation been more important. In fact, most experts would argue that very few industries are as vulnerable to online damage as the hotel sector.

#4: Why do people talk about other hotels in the area but not mine?

Without a doubt, effective marketing is key to your hotel’s success. But even the greatest marketing strategies can’t prevent or protect against reputation damage.

Today, people are just as likely to say something bad about your hotel as they are to praise it. That said, public discussion of other hotels in the area (but not yours) could mean one of two things:

  1. Other hotels are excelling and/or overshadowing your marketing efforts.
  2. Your competitors are victims of serious reputation damage, something people always love to talk about.

To position yourself for success, it’s crucial to promote and protect your reputation online. This way, you’ll soon be the talk of the town, and for the right reasons.

#5: How can hotel reputation management services save my brand reputation?

Mismanaged or not, your hospitality organization’s reputation can tank almost overnight. But when you manage your hotel’s reputation, you automatically gain an advantage over local competitors not taking such precautions.

When managed correctly, hotel reputation management services help proprietors keep a clear eye on review websites, social media and negative press. They also encourage positive feedback in the process.

#6: Is professional hotel reputation management worth it?

A better question might be, ‘Can you afford NOT to invest in professional hotel reputation management?’

This is especially true when local competitors are a step ahead of the game.

#7: How much does hotel reputation management cost?

With reputation management, costs vary. Online reputation agency costs vary depending on the project scale, client goals and how much repair is needed.

Generally, custom reputation management services cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars or more.

On a side note, it’s important to explore the current typical pricing for reputation management software. When you consider hotel reputation management services, think about the time needed to get it done right. Software can then begin to feel very expensive indeed.

Regardless, hotel reputation management services often deliver outstanding value for the money. In many cases, it can be surprisingly affordable.

#8: Can hotel reputation management services improve my profitability and efficiency?

Within the hotel sector, profitability is directly related to reputation. The better your reputation, the more revenue you’re likely to pull in. This is thanks to your ability to charge a premium rate.

At the same time, hiring a professional frees up countless hours to manage your property and improve guest experience. As in any business, this will likely trickle down and boost efficiency at all levels.

#9: How long does it usually take for hotels to implement new reputation management services?

Many hoteliers ask this question, particularly those who previously invested in hotel reputation software. Implementing third-party software on your own can be extremely time-consuming, often taking months or more to get up to speed.

But with the services of an expert reputation management company, though, you can often see benefits in just days.

Benefits range from rapid Google result removals to mitigating online content hurting your hotel brand.

#10: What makes a great hotel reputation management service?

What makes a great hotel reputation management service?

Great services start with companies that make your online reputation their top priority. Don’t confuse expert hotel reputation management services with public relations or marketing agency offerings.

Also, a stand-out online reputation management company utilizes the latest technology and processes to build world-class solutions. These are the types of campaigns that get measurable and meaningful results, both in hospitality and other markets.

Hint: don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials, particularly from other clients in your industry.

#11: Which reputation management service is right for my hotel?

Distinct from standalone hotel reputation software, we offer comprehensive reputation management services tailored to your hotel’s needs.

Our process covers numerous stages, including analysis, development, content, review management, publishing, promotion and much more

Among these is retargeting. For our hospitality industry clients, the retargeting process ensures your reputation, ratings, and reviews continue to improve and thrive over time.

We believe your reputation as a hotelier is your most valuable asset. As such, we ensure that your name, renown, and good standing alike are handled with absolute care and attention. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and all inquiries are answered completely free of any further obligation.

Want to know more? Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. 

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