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When searching for something on Google, you’ve probably noticed that a list of phrases related to whatever you’re searching for drops down underneath the search bar as you type. these phrases are known as autocomplete predictions. these automatically generated search predictions that appear everytime you type in a phrase on google and cannot be turned off are a result of a project Google rolled out in 2008, what they call their autocomplete program.

Google Autocomplete
How does google determine

How does Google Determine Autocomplete Predictions

Autocomplete predictions are possible search terms that reflect what other people are searching for and the content of web pages. hence the phrases that appear in the drop-down list have been entered into google search by others or appear on the internet somewhere.

google autocomplete uses a unique algorithm to automatically generate search predictions based on a number of objective factors. two important factors that google’s autocomplete algorithm takes into account are range of information on the web and search volume – i.e. how often people have searched for a word or phrase.

Google AutoComplete & Online Reputation Management

This tool is useful for individuals looking to expand on what they’re trying to find in the search engines. Unfortunately, this tool can also cause serious problems for business owners and prominent figures if the wrong Auto Suggest phrase is associated with their name or business name.

Many business owners find themselves with the AutoFill of “[Your Business Name Here] scam” – this can cause several problems for companies.

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Can you change autocomplete terms

Can You Change Google Autocomplete Terms?

we spent months in research and development to determine what causes these autosuggest problems, and how to fix them quickly and effectively. after months of testing, we launched our “autosuggest rx” solution. with this solution, we can fix your autosuggest problems. autosuggest rx has proven to be extremely effective.

if you’ve ever searched something on google, you’ve likely seen the autosuggest feature. it automatically provides a list of recommended search terms and phrases based on the letters that you’ve typed. most people believe that these terms appear because several searchers have manually typed them into the search engine, but this is not always true.

the terms recommended by google autocomplete or autosuggest are usually listed in order of popularity. this creates the potential for a cascade effect, which occurs when more people begin clicking on the top suggested terms. for example, if the term “why is the sky blue” appears in the autosuggest list after you’ve typed “why,” this doesn’t mean that most people are typing the query “why is the sky blue.” the result could instead imply that several people have clicked that suggestion out of curiosity, even if they originally intended to type something else. as additional people are distracted from their original searches to click these seemingly-random suggestions, the viral effect takes over. the terms that get clicked the most will move to the top of the list.

Why fix google autocomplete

Why Fix Google Autocomplete Problems

This convenient search feature can create problems for companies and individuals when negative statements about their reputations are listed amongst the suggestions. Imagine this scenario: Two potential customers or new acquaintances begin typing your company name or birth name into the Google search box. Before they finish typing, the following suggestion appears at the top of their dropdown lists: “[Your Business Name Here] is a scam.” They get curious enough to click it, they view the negative information and they make the AutoSuggest option more popular, further its negative impact.

The average web searcher believes that these negative recommendations are what most people type, and they get the impression that this search term is based on fact. The truth is that this suggestion is usually at the top of the list because other searchers were curious enough to click it, despite originally typing something else!


At, we take a two-pronged approach to change what Google Autocomplete terms show up when a name or business is googled. Our approach successfully alters what search terms show up under the search bar as a phrase is being entered into Google Search.


 Our AutoSuggest RX program eliminates negative or unwanted auto suggestions and it replaces them with positive keywords. We work with our clients to pick 3 to 5 positive keywords that they would like see in AutoSuggest. Then, we use our technology to implement these changes. Through a combination of social media buzz and organic search queries across targeted geographic areas, we change the AutoSuggest list.


We recommend using our AutoSuggest RX program in combination with our reputation management program to improve the first pages for each targeted keyword. This will give you or your company control of your online presence.

Another way that the Google AutoSuggest feature is coaxed into recommending negative search terms is through defamatory blog posts or viral forum threads. If someone writes something bad about your company or personal reputation, and he or she then begins sharing this information through social networks, it can spread like wildfire. This causes a frenzy of searchers to type the title or topic of the negative blog post into the Google search box, and it then causes the term to reach the AutoSuggest list.

Nine times out of ten, AutoSuggest terms originate from a single piece of negative content that generates significant interest. Eventually, this article is rewritten and rehashed by webmasters who are desperate to generate traffic from any controversy that they can find. As more people begin to search for this article and its variations, the topic hits the AutoSuggest list and the defacing begins.

Can you change autocomplete terms

We Can Help Get Rid of Negative Google Autocomplete Phrases

Fortunately, the professionals at can change Google AutoSuggest terms through a combination of content publishing and proprietary technology. We fight fire with fire by taking advantage of the same concept that causes negative terms to appear in the Autocomplete list.

We can also create, publish and promote positive content in order remove unwanted web pages from the top of search results. For example, if you’re trying to remove the term “[Your Business Name Here] is a ripoff,” we can ensure that even if people click that suggestion, they will only find pages with positive information. In addition, after we repair your internet reputation, we can launch a protective campaign to continually monitor AutoSuggest terms and recently published content in order to maintain and protect your positive reputation online.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you change Google AutoSuggest terms, contact us at 844-745-6673 for a free consultation.

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