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Revenge Site Removal Features

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Fast and Effective Removal

Revenge Site information is removed quickly, safely and effectively.


A Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee the requested information is removed to your satisfaction, or your money back.

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Our removal services are streamlined and budget-friendly.

Why Do Revenge Sites Exist?

The end of a relationship can be extremely difficult. The fallout from a bad breakup can have considerably negative consequences, particularly for anyone slandered on popular and prominent online forums or websites.

Revenge sites provide exes an opportunity to make highly negative, outrageous and even false allegations about a former girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband. These sites provide vindictive exes a chance to damage a former partner’s reputation with highly visible and unfounded accusations of cheating, abuse, or worse – and they do so with little fear of consequences or repercussions.

If you’ve fallen victim to an ex’s slanderous revenge site post, you may be in need of help from an expert online reputation management professional. Don't let an ex's online revenge ruin your reputation. Contact us today, and discover what our information removal and suppression experts can do for you.

How Does Our Process Work?

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Removing a negative post from a highly visible revenge website takes a significant level of technology, experience and expertise, particularly if you want that removal done as quickly and safely as possible. Our revenge site removal experts understand the need for swift and effective action, and use a considerable amount of resources and years of experience to get the job done fast.

Once you order our Revenge Site Removal service, we go to work right away, taking steps to safely, quickly, and completely remove your information from the Revenge Site in question. Once removed, we then offer a positive SEO campaign; an optional way for you to begin reinforcing a positive and enduring online image. Once complete, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the harmful revenge site post will no longer threaten your online reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Own the Revenge Site?

Absolutely Not. We own no revenge site, as our focus is only to remove harmful revenge site information from the web.

Once You Remove My Negative Information, Will It Ever Return?

No. Our proprietary revenge site removal method ensures that the requested revenge site post/information (URL) is completely removed from the web.

Why Is There a Fee for Removal?

As we do not own the revenge sites, our removal services require a combination of cutting-edge technology, resources, labor and time to achieve effective and permanent removal. We do our best to provide every client an effective and affordable removal service.

Is the Removal Service Guaranteed?

Yes. If, for whatever reason, we fail to delete/remove the negative asset/URL from the requested site within the allotted timeframe, we will return 100% of your payment.

How Long Does Your Revenge Site Removal Service Take?

It takes an average of 7-10 days for us to remove a revenge site post; though, the removal timeframe generally depends on the site where the information appears. Once the negative information is deleted, it may take up to 30 days for the related link to be de-indexed in search engines. The link to this info may remain in search results, though it will take users to a dead page, where the information is no longer viewable.

What Credit Cards Do You Accept?

We accept all major credit cards, including AMEX, Discover, Visa and MasterCard.

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