Your Crime Was Caught On Camera, And Your Reputation May Never Recover


December 7, 2020


Online Reputation Management

Did you make a mistake you can’t seem to overcome? Was your crime caught on video and broadcast across the web? Your reputation may never recover unless you take control and start repairing your online image today.


English researchers working in 2006 suggested that thieves could break into several popular models of cars in just 3 seconds, and in most cases, they didn’t need to cause lasting damage. No broken glass, no drilled metal and no scratches were required. Just a few seconds with lock-picking tools, and crooks had access to the interior of the car. Starting the engine would, presumably, take only a few seconds more.

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Stats like this can make the Sherlock Holmes inside all of us cringe just a little bit. After all, if crimes are over in a flash, how can we ever hope to catch the crooks in the act? On the surface of things, cameras seem like an ideal solution, as they can snap the moment at which someone chooses to cross the line between upstanding citizen and notorious criminal.

But sometimes, innocent people are caught up in photos of supposed crimes, and when that happens, the reputation damage can be extreme.

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Staying Smart and Safe

Under the “Help” section of Places for Business, Google offers a few tips on getting good reviews:

First, be verified.

Second, ask customers for feedback on Google+.

Third, just be active. A business that is constantly interacting with clients online in a professional and courteous manner is going to make a much better impression than a business that forgets to be involved on the Web.

My personal suggestion? It’s generally a good idea to just be an honest and decent company overall. Managing your reputation online becomes easier if you maintain positive relationships with your clients, which tends to happen organically if the products and services you offer live up to their word. Unfortunately, there are instances in which even the greatest companies can be impacted by Internet “trolls” or the occasional negative customer service review. In this case, the “Review” tab on Places for Business will prove immeasurably useful.

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This addition will provide businesses with even more opportunity to manage their image and their online brand.

There are instances, however, where things can get out of hand. Enter, an online reputation management agency that offers removal and suppression services for clients experiencing an online image crisis. In addition, provides monitoring services, which scan the Web daily for keyword hits, and come with the added bonus of personalized customer service, and a free analysis of you or your business’ online profile.

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