How to Get More Positive Reviews on Yelp: 3 Quick and Easy Tips


Have a rotten image on Yelp? We provide some quick and easy tips on how to get more positive reviews on Yelp and reach more customers than ever. 

Yelp is one of the most popular sites on the internet for customer reviews. Not only is the service extremely useful for customers and potential diners who visit the site every day, but it’s also a massive resource and learning tool for business owners as well.

For businesses and brands, Yelp is both good and evil. Depending on how your brand approaches Yelp and your customers, the site could quickly become your best friend or worst enemy.

Like all business owners and brands, the most important thing for you is to make sure that you have a constant supply of positive reviews for your business. Unfortunately, most businesses are going to see negative comments and reviews come through every once in a while, but if you focus on the good you can weed out the bad.

How to Get More Positive Reviews on Yelp: 3 Fast Tips

Here’s a look at how to get more positive reviews through Yelp.

1. Let Your Customers Know Where to Leave Reviews

The most simple and easiest way to increase reviews for your brand or business is to simply let your customers know where or how. You’ve already seen this all the time when you go to restaurant and they give you the receipt and ask for you to leave quality feedback and you will get a coupon for your next visit or entered into a giveaway.

The great majority of people will likely never leave feedback, but the small percentage that actually does makes a huge difference for the brand and the reviews people see.

Think about how you can incorporate these types of methods into your existing business. It could be a simple as providing a small business card or flyer with each order or receipt you hand out. Include a small coupon on this business card, along with your Yelp URL for a review to be left.

To stay in compliance with Yelp, you aren’t “supposed to ask” for positive reviews, but letting your audience know where they can leave a review is what’s most important.

2. Contact Friends and Family

Of course your most important feedback will come from your customers, but there’s also a good chance that your friends and family have been a customer or used your services as well — at the same time they are also more likely to follow through on your request.

Yelp is a massively huge site, so there is a good chance your friends and family are already signed up and active with Yelp. Having a good team of friends and family members being active on your review page is also a good way to combat any malicious or false statements towards your brand.

3. Look at Your Past Clients, Vendors and Partners

As an established business and brand, there is no doubt that you have several partnerships, incoming/outgoing orders and vendors you work with on a monthly basis. Instead of just relying on friends, family and customers, you can also contact all of these previous acquaintances as well. Since you’ve been working with each of the individuals for a while and have a good working relationship, they should return the favor and leave a simple review for your brand or business.

How to Remove Negative Reviews from Yelp

Unfortunately, in addition to focusing your efforts on getting positive reviews on your Yelp page, you are also going to need to monitor your page for any negative, false and malicious statements made as well. These can be from unhappy customers, your competition or someone who is just having a bad day. While a simple rant from one person might seem like nothing to them, it can mean the word of a difference for how others look at your brand.

Due to the way Yelp is set up, you simply can’t click a button or contact Yelp to have a negative comment removed. The core of their business is based on having comments and reviews be authentic and not allowing brands and businesses to remove any that don’t seem fit. You also can’t try and take legal action against Yelp either, and this has been attempted before and Yelp almost always wins. To make matters even worse, Yelp doesn’t require any verification of individuals leaving reviews on their site — which means anyone can post anything, anywhere!’s process for removing negative reviews from Yelp is a comprehensive and lengthy process, but it works. It’s not just about removing the reviews, it’s about eliminating the different ways people are finding negative reviews and pushing them down in the results while raising up your positives.

To learn more about this process and clean up your online reviews, contact us for a free consultation at 941-259-4554.

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