Online defamation is a serious problem that impacts millions every year. Fixing it is essential to protecting your online reputation.

Online Defamation: An Issue Affecting Millions

Online defamation, also known as cyber defamation, is a growing problem that comes in many forms and affects both people and businesses. Often claimed and defended as protected free speech, defamation of character is rampant on the Internet, and can strike anyone at anytime.

Even worse, there is no shortage of venues on which negative information can appear online. Hundreds if not thousands of websites, including anything from review sites, revenge sites, cheater sites, blog sites, comment sections and more, provide nearly anyone the opportunity to engage in defamation of character.

Online defamation can be difficult to fight on one’s own. The good news? We have the knowledge and experience needed to help you!

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Proving Defamation: A Complex Process

Often referred to as libel or slander, defamation is perceived by many legal jurisdictions as a false or malicious statement or report. In civil law, it is viewed as a real crime; an offense often subject to penalties or further legal action.

For cyber defamation, however, the lines become a bit more blurred. As stated before, such malicious content tends to come in a variety of online forms, as well as to appear in a variety of forums throughout the Internet. Further complicating matters are the different sets of terms of service each site operates by, making the mitigation or removal of cyber defamation an often complex, case-by-case process.

Context, at least in terms of cyber defamation, is very important, as is the expertise and insight needed to mitigate and eliminate the harmful effects of online libel and slander.

Don’t Let Internet Defamation Hurt Your Reputation

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If defamation is hurting your reputation online, you don’t have time to waste. The longer you allow a defamatory statement, post or review to sit on the Web, the more devastation it create for you, your business and your brand.

Internet defamation is no laughing matter, and can have untold consequences for your business, your career and your personal life.

We understand the damage defamation can cause for individuals and business, which is why we offer fast, effective and customized solutions to fix Internet defamation. If you’re being haunted by something libelous or slanderous online, the time to act is now. Such a problem needs to be dealt with swiftly and effectively.

We Can Fix Your Defamation Problem

If you’ve experienced defamation of character due to a spurious, libelous or slanderous post on the Web, we’re here to help. We have the tools, technology and experience required to fix defamation both legally and quickly, and have done as much for countless clients since 2011.

Our main goal is to help clients establish the best reputation they can on the Internet. By removing and suppressing defamatory blog posts, reviews, news articles and comments from the Internet, we are successfully restoring the positive reputations of people and businesses across around the world. Our Internet defamation removal services will ensure that you are able to get back on track with a positive and accurate online reputation.


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