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An online mugshot can put a bad face on your online reputation. Don’t let one picture ruin your future. We are experts in getting this type of negative personal information removed.

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Mugshots: Arresting Your Online Reputation

Getting arrested, regardless of the circumstances, the reason or the level of guilt, is never a good time. The process of getting arrested, not to mention any trials, fines or punishments that follow, can have serious consequences for you and your loved ones and affect your personal reputation well into the future.

After an arrest, mugshots are entered into public record databases by local law enforcement entities throughout the country.

These databases are often scraped by mugshot sites, which make those pictures, and the arrest record information, available to anyone with an Internet connection.

Now you not only must cope with the consequences of the arrest, you also need to find a way to mitigate the damage and remove your mugshot and arrest records from one or more of these Internet sites.

Fortunately for you, mugshot removal is our business and we can get these images taken down quickly so they won’t harm your reputation.

Deleting mugshot and arrest records

How Mugshots Get Posted Online

Mugshots appear online when counties, Sheriff’s Departments, and other arresting agencies make the images available through electronic public records requests. This is often regulated at the state level and the number of states that make mugshot records public is growing quickly. Mugshot display sites simply make public records requests to local agencies and post everything they get back.

Some states make mugshot records easier to obtain than others. Florida, for example, has particularly lax regulations regarding mugshot information. It has made mugshots and arrest information from as far back as 1999 easily available, and the website has over four million mugshots listed. Other states that publicly display mugshots include Texas, Alabama, Oregon, Arizona, North Carolina, California, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, and Louisiana.

These states don’t run mugshot display sites, however, or directly place your image on sites like and two largest mugshot databases currently active online. Usually the county Sherriff’s Office where the arrest took place is responsible for distributing mugshot images, and database websites are responsible for displaying the information. Regardless of where your mugshot is appearing, if you’d like it deleted from the site and from Google, can help. Our experts know every trick in the book for removing mugshots and arrest details.

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Anyone Can Find Your Online Mugshot

5 Step process for removing mugshots

Mugshot sites number in the hundreds, if not thousands, and are working around-the-clock locate new mugshot and arrest records on the Internet. Once located, they post these unflattering pictures and information online.

Once this information is linked Google will find it and it may end up achieving a prominent position in search results. This means your mugshot and arrest records will appear every time your name is searched online. Your employer, colleagues, spouse, children, friends and anyone else searching for your name in Google will see your mugshot, turning a one-time incident into a reputational nightmare that can haunt you for many years.

Regardless of your guilt or innocence, the Internet and public record, can be an unforgiving judge of character and you must take steps to mitigate the damage this information can have on your family, career, and personal relationships.

We provide mugshot and arrest record removal services, that will allow you to get this information deleted quickly and repair any damage to your personal reputation.

Remove My Mugshot, Please!

You need to delete your mugshots fast, but you aren’t sure exactly where to go or how to get started.

That’s where we come in.

Our expert team has years of experience performing removal of damaging images and arrest information. Since 2011, we have cultivated the relationships and created a proven processes to expedite the removal of photos from mugshot sites throughout the Internet. We are continually refining our expertise, and will remove this information about your arrest from the Internet as quickly, safely and conveniently as possible.

As a leading provider of online information removal services, we have successfully facilitated the deletion of thousands of online mugshots, and continue to pursue our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

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There is no time to waste when it comes to protecting your online reputation. An online mugshot places, your personal image and livelihood at risk, and taking decisive action a necessity to regain control of your reputation.

If you are dealing with an embarrassing mugshot or arrest record, give us a call now. We’re ready to help!

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