Complete Whitepages and Whitepages Premium Opt Out

Whitepages Premium Opt Out is essential to protecting your personal privacy.

Have you completed a Whitepages opt-out only to find that your personal information is still featured on Whitepages Premium?

If so, you’re not alone.

More than ever, people now seeking complete, site-wide Whitepages and Whitepages Premium opt-out.

Why does Whitepages get such a bad rap?

Whitepages attract criticism for publicly sharing private personal data with the web. Millions of people are now listed on the Whitepages platform. As a result, ages, addresses, phone numbers, and more are freely available to anyone conducting a quick search.

What’s more: Whitepages receives further criticism over not only its free offering, but also the so-called ‘Premium’ service.

Of course, this comes as little surprise to the Whitepages and Whitepages Premium teams. Whitepages first unveiled its extended pay-to-access version in 2016. And by that point, the company had been sharing personal information for more than two decades.

What exactly is the Whitepages opt out process?

In the five years since the Premium service appeared, many have reported confusion over the opt-out process. In fact, many misunderstand the steps to remove themselves from the platform, including both and

To make matters worse, the company recently merged the Whitepages Premium offering with the main site. And users now have free access to Whitepages Premium information each time they visit the platform.

Additionally, much of this confusion has turned into anger. This comes as people learn their information isn’t only available for free, but is for sale to anyone for a small fee on Whitepages Premium.

How does Whitepages Premium work?

As the company’s exclusive paid-for service, Whitepages Premium gives users access to a vast trove of information. This data goes above and beyond anything listed on the free portion of the website.
Whitepages Premium is primarily aimed at businesses and organizations building in-depth profiles for customers and others across the web.

Still, many individuals also use the service, accessing highly personal and private information about almost anyone online.

Who can access Whitepages Premium’s information?

Whitepages Premium has no way of knowing who uses their service. This means that legitimate businesses, nefarious individuals, and even criminals have the same access to data as everyone else.

The same is true of the free offering, which is available to all web users. Similar services (BeenVerified, Spokeo, MyLife, Instant Checkmate, etc.) also provide individuals and businesses access to much of the same information.

But Whitepages Premium is of particular concern. This is simply due to the much deeper level of information it collects and sells every day.

Knowing this, it’s little wonder that people now scramble for ways to remove themselves from Whitepages and Whitepages Premium.

How do I remove myself from Whitepages Premium?

Assuming that you request information removal from’s free listings, it makes sense to completely clear your name from its database.

And if you haven’t yet removed yourself from Whitepages’ main platform, it just takes a moment.
To its credit, Whitepages openly invites opt-out requests with its suppression request feature. Simply provide the necessary information to remove yourself from’s public directory.

Yet, at no point does the company explain that your data will continue to show up on Whitepages Premium.
There’s also the matter of the next step. That’s because removing yourself from Whitepages Premium actually takes some work.

Still, this should only take less than 10 minutes and can be completed in just two steps.
These steps include:

1. Pulling up your information on Whitepages Premium

Unlike the main website, there’s no suppression request feature on Whitepages Premium.
So, to begin the Whitepages Premium opt-out process, you should head straight to Previously located at, Whitepages Premium may now be found through the main website.
Search yourself on You’ll see a variety of listings, including options to ‘View Details’ and to ‘View Full Report’.

If you already successfully removed yourself from Whitepages’ free search, you should only see the ‘Full Report’ option. You’ll notice this includes advice that’s in-depth, full reports are ‘Powered by Whitepages Premium’.
Next, copy the ‘View Full Report’ link. If you’re unsure how to do this, you can find advice on copying and pasting here.

2. Manually requesting Whitepages Premium opt-out

Once you copy the Whitepages Premium report URL, head to the Whitepages Help Center. At the top of the page, you’ll see a link to ‘Submit a request.’

Go to this page and submit a manual Whitepages Premium opt-out request. Then, follow the prompts to choose from a range of issues. In this instance, select ‘I need to edit or remove a listing’.

On this page, provide your email address, subject, and description. Also, it’s crucial to paste the ‘View Full Report’ link that you copied into the ‘Listing URL’ section before moving on.

This step is vital to avoid any ambiguity, especially as it relates to Whitepages Premium opt-out and not just basic removal.

If you find more than one Whitepages Premium listing, you may complete Whitepages Premium opt-out for each URL.
You must also select an option under the heading, ‘Please help us understand why you want your information to be removed.’

Answer this as you see fit.
Be sure to add a subject and description to each opt-out request. Here, clearly express that you want removal of your Whitepages Premium listing. Emphasize that you want to remove your ‘Premium’ listing.
Finally, hit ‘Submit.’ This will send your request to the Whitepages team.

Opt-out completed

Whitepages handles most ‘Premium’ opt-out requests within 48 hours. This is twice as long as it takes to process free-listing removals.
But now that you submitted a suppression request for the free listings, your info should be off altogether.

What to do next

After 48 hours, check to see that your Whitepages Premium listing has been removed. In the unlikely event it hasn’t, you may repeat the Whitepages Premium opt-out process.

During this time, you may also take measures to opt out of similar services. These might include Family Tree Now, Spokeo, BeenVerified, MyLife, and Instant Checkmate.
While Whitepages Premium is among the worst offenders, it’s a good idea to request the removal of data from other websites, wherever possible.

Information on how to opt out of other people-search sites (,,, and can be found here.

Whitepages Premium opt-out FAQs

How did my information get on

Much of what appears on is pulled from public records. This includes, for example, property deed information.

Information available on Whitepages Premium, is collected using numerous secondary techniques developed by its team.

Where does Whitepages Premium get its information?

Whitepages has almost 25 years of experience collecting info on individuals from freely available sources, including public records sites.

To populate Whitepages Premium, the company digs even deeper. For example, they now collect information on demographics, online behavior, and credentials through relationships with third-party partner companies.

Whitepages Premium also employs proprietary software and other tools to gather up personal information. It’s for this reason that it’s so important to opt out of Whitepages Premium to protect your privacy.

Do you have to pay for Whitepages Premium?

Yes. Anyone looking for information on Whitepages Premium must pay for the privilege.
Prices vary, although cost is the only obstacle stopping someone from looking up potentially highly private data about you. Whitepages makes no effort to identify who accesses your information on Whitepages Premium. It’s openly for sale to anyone willing to cough up a fee.

What can you find out about someone through Whitepages Premium?

Whitepages Premium allows individuals and businesses to look up all details freely listed on, plus dozens of other private details. This may include court records, employment status, your relatives and more.
Other info, including criminal reports and complete background checks, online behavior intelligence, and additional web-related credentials, are for sale to Whitepages Premium customers.

Further safeguards

Are you ready to protect your online privacy? If so, we’re here to help.
At NetReputation, we are the leaders in online personal and private information removal.
Far beyond Whitepages Premium and sites like BeenVerified, Spokeo, and Instant Checkmate, we remove personal and private information from over 50 people-search and background sites across the web. And, all removal solutions are 100 percent guaranteed.
Want to learn more? Contact our Privacy Protection team today.

What is Whitepages Premium?

Millions of people are now listed on the Whitepages platform. This includes a free offering and the ‘Premium’ offering, a subscription-based service that provides users with access to enhanced contact information for more than 250 million people.

How do I sign up for Whitepages Premium?

You can sign up for Whitepages Premium through the Whitepages website. You’ll need to provide your name, email address, and password. You’ll then be able to choose a subscription plan.

What is included with Whitepages Premium?

Features of Whitepages Premium include reverse phone lookups, email addresses, and postal addresses.

What is the cost of Whitepages Premium?

The cost of Whitepages Premium varies depending on the country of residence.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by logging into your account and navigating to the “My Account” tab. You will then see a “Cancel My Whitepages Premium Subscription” link in the top right.

What is the time frame for getting Opt Out Premium after request?

This should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

What are the benefits of Whitepages Premium?

Whitepages offers a number of benefits. However, Whitepages will provide access and the necessary information to remove yourself from’s public directory. Here, you can see the name and contact information of everyone who has searched for you online, as well as who has called or texted you, and who has emailed you.

Does Whitepages Premium have an opt-out button?

Yes, Whitepages Premium does have an opt-out button. You can find it on the billing page of your account.

How long does it take to Opt Out from Whitepages Premium?

Whitepages handles most ‘Premium’ opt-out requests within 48 hours.

Is there anything bad about Whitepages?

Whitepages is not as comprehensive as other online directories, and its search results are not always accurate.

What happens if I opt out of Whitepages?

If you opt out of Whitepages, it no longer collects or uses your personal information for any purpose, including services.

Can I opt out of Whitepages myself?

Yes, Whitepages allows you to opt out of their database.

How do I opt out of Whitepages Premium?

Select an option under the heading, ‘Please help us understand why you want your information to be removed.’ Answer this as you see fit. Be sure to add a subject and description to each opt-out request. Here, clearly express that you want removal of your Whitepages Premium listing. Emphasize that you want to remove your ‘Premium’ listing.
Finally, hit ‘Submit.’ This will send your request to the Whitepages team.

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