Case Studies

Below are examples of Reputation Management Campaigns to show you the results we can produce. Each case and situation will always vary for end results and time frame. Most campaigns will require 30-90 days to clean up Google results while some large corporate accounts may take 3 to 12 months or may be ongoing campaigns for complex/high-profile situations. Please contact a representative who can inform you of specific details and pricing for your particular situation.

Reputation Management Case Studies | Internet Reputation

Reality Television Star


A reality television star’s past steals the spotlight when an old arrest record and mugshot appear on the first page of Google.

Solution seeks the websites that are posting this data and takes steps to have the content taken down.


Within 48 hours, the targeted content is acquired and remaining links are de-indexed.


The star’s troubled past no longer appears on search engine results.

Multi-National Corporation


A multi-national corporation is losing sales when people see a slanderous post on a consumer advocacy blog. The content is showing up on the first page of Google whenever a consumer searches the client’s brand name.

Solution lays out a strategy for the client, and within 24 hours we start applying proprietary techniques to get the post taken down. Once the targeted post is suppressed, starts creating positive content, optimizing it, and setting up a virtual firewall that helps prevent any future negative content from appearing at the top of search engine results.


Within 30 days, the negative content is suppressed and replaced with positive content.


The negative post stops appearing in top search results, and the virtual firewall helps safeguard the corporation from any future negative content.

Small Business


A small retail store is attacked by a competitor via an anonymous forum post. The post is showing up on the first page of the store’s Google results and causing serious harm to the business.

Solution quickly starts a reputation management campaign by creating positive web content for the client. The campaign pushes the offending post off the first two pages of search results. Although a negative listing on page 3 will only be seen by <10% of web searchers, the client wants to push the negative content back deeper into cyberspace. The client requests additional services, and creates more digital assets and applies more optimization to the keyword, resulting in the negative listing being relocated to page 12 of Google.


The first two pages of web search results are cleared within 30 days. Within 90 days, the negative content is suppressed to page 12.


The first 11 pages of Google results reflect positive information, and the negative listing ends up at position #112 on Google search results.

Law Firm


A law firm has several negative listings from numerous powerful and high-ranking consumer advocacy websites. These listings appear on the first page of their Google results.

Solution creates positive content for the firm and optimizes it. This helps suppress the negative content while replacing the first page results with content that enhances the firm’s image.


The project takes a total of 30 days.


Two consumer advocacy website posts are removed, and the first four pages of the firm’s web search results reflect positive content.

Head of Non-Profit


A financial consultant’s name is slandered by news agencies and individuals online. The client has numerous negative listings on the first three pages of Google results.

Solution uses multiple variations of financial consultant’s name, geographic area, and industry title to create digital assets. We then use optimization techniques to enhance the search results for the targeted keyword.


It takes 3 days to gain control of the first 5 pages of Google results for all keywords.


The financial consultant now has control over the first 5 pages of Google results for all targeted search terms.

More Case Studies


Every client is unique, and campaigns are tailored to meet the demands of each reputation management scenario. The examples above are real case studies and real results we provided for our clients. Names have been omitted to protect the privacy of our clients. These summaries best reflect what happened during the respective campaigns. Every possible effort has been made to accurately represent our services and results. These depictions are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The strategy and outcome of each campaign will depend on current results in search engines, the strength of existing positive and negative items, the competition on the specific keyword phrases, and other relevant factors.

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