4 Ways to Attract Great Talent (and Boost Your Business Reputation in the Process)

Brandon P. • July 25, 2017

Employees have an undeniable impact on your company’s image. Responsible for everything from marketing and outreach to direct customer interfacing and support, employees are the heart, soul and face of your business; an integral component of how it is shaped, presented to and perceived by the public.

Like it or not, your employees play a large and critical role in defining your business reputation. Doesn’t it make sense to locate the people that will best represent your brand?

Below are steps you can take not only to attract the best talent, but to begin building the brand image and reputation you deserve.

Address Your Presence on Glassdoor (and other employee review sites)

Is your business a rewarding place to work? The answer may lie online…

Glassdoor is the go-to third-party resource for online job seekers; those looking for an internal perspective on prospective employers not normally found within company-controlled narratives. Chances are some of your employees, past and present, have reviewed your business on Glassdoor. Just one negative review, no matter how untruthful or scurrilous, could be enough to drain your talent pool on a near-daily basis.

Don’t take those reviews lightly. Do your best to monitor your brand’s presence on Glassdoor, to carefully address and respond to issues you find legitimate, and to encourage positive reviews from your current employees whenever possible. 

Do Your Research, and Be Creative

Competing for great talent is much the same as vying for customers. Without putting a unique employee value proposition out there, something that makes the right people WANT to work for your firm, you’ll have a tough time getting anyone to knock down your door.    

Establishing an appealing place to work requires not only understanding what current industry and position standards are, but also the ability to recognize what sets your business apart, and highlighting those best attributes effectively.

Research what the norms are, and go a step further.

Be Active on Social Media

If your small business isn’t active on social media platforms, you’re missing out on a golden recruitment opportunity. Not only does social media provide you a great way to perform follow-up research on winning candidates; they also open your business up to an incredibly large pool of talent, as well as to spread word on why your company is “the” place to enjoy a rewarding career.

Being active on social media helps you direct the conversation surrounding your brand, to promote its best features, create brand awareness and engage potential employees in ways never before possible.

Consider Business Reputation Management

Creating an online footprint that is not only strong enough to withstand the tides of Internet negativity, but consistently helps your business attract and retain the best talent possible, is no easy process. Without knowledge of SEO, online promotion, profile creation and other digital tools the attempt to evolve your brand presence into something great employees want to be associated with could come off the rails very quickly.

Recruiting the best talent requires the best online strategy. As experts in corporate reputation management, we know how to build you a brand presence you can be proud of, and one that attracts the candidates your business deserves.

To discover how business reputation management can turn your brand into a magnet for great talent, call us today at 888-997-5141.