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Personal Reputation Management Case Study

Blog Team • May 05, 2015 works with hundreds of individuals, brands and businesses on a daily basis to help clean up any unwanted search results from ruining their good name, and to polish up the first impression that might be given through a Google search result. In this article, we are going to walk you through the process of how individual reputation management takes place.

In this case study we will be looking at Dr. Pamela Lawrence, a professional with expertise in being a celebrity doctor, public speaker and is also a best selling author and business owner.

However, when someone searched for her name in Google, Pamela wasn't happy with what her potential clients and audience were seeing as her first impression.


Discover Negative Search Rankings

The first step in the reputation management process is to perform a detailed search through Google to find any listings and content that might appear to be negative. In the screenshot below you will see there are three listings that were not providing a positive experience for anyone searching for "dr. pamela lawrence" through Google.


3 Days After the Initial Search Audit

After performing thorough research on where potentially harmful search rankings were appearing for the individual's name, our team quickly started to suppress the negative rankings while also pushing up her positive content. This process is done through the use of content creation, news worthy articles and highlighting the benefits of a personal brand and their achievements. case_study_page_3

14 Days after Initial Search Audit

Depending on the amount of content ranking in Google and the competitiveness of an individual's name, it's not uncommon to see the majority of negative search results removed from the first page, or at least pushed down out of the top positions.


30 Days after Initial Search Audit

There is no better way to protect your online reputation by securing the whole first page of Google for your personal name. This is exactly what happened or Dr. Pamela Lawrence after using our individual reputation management package.

As you can see in the screenshot below, each of the main page rankings are highlighting the positives of Dr. Pamela Lawrence's career and achievements. case_study_page_5

Monitor, Protect and Repair Your Online Reputation

In the case study above you saw a perfect example of how you can start cleaning up negative content in the search results. However, that isn't the end of the battle. Once you've cleaned up the search results, it's then time for you (using our tools and software) to monitor, protect and repair any additional negative content that might appear back in the search results over time. In addition to the search results, it's also important for you to monitor review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, RipOffReport and PissedConsumer for any possible mentions of your name or brand.

To learn more about how to clean up and repair any damage that have been caused to your name as a result of listings in Google, click here or call (800) -758-9012 for a free consultation.