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Online Reputation Management: A Case Study

Blog Team • November 21, 2016

The online review about Dr. Timothy Mitchell’s medical practice was harsh and unambiguous:

“This guy is a QUACK,” the anonymous review said. “He spent about two minutes treating me and then said, you’ll be fine. I wasn’t fine!! Take your business to someone else!!”

When he saw it, Dr. Mitchell was angry. That review, and several others like it, was nonsense. Somehow he resisted the urge to lash back with a snarky comment. Instead, he remembered that his brother once had a problem with online reviews of his restaurant, and had called for help. They really know their stuff, Dr. Mitchell’s brother said. So the good doctor went to the company’s website, read up on their services, and gave them a call.

Before long Dr. Mitchell was speaking to an Account Manager named Frank Ryan. Frank listened to his problem, and described how could help with an Online Reputation Management campaign that would make the problem go away within a few months.

The campaign he outlined involved a three-pronged approach:

  • Removal Services
  • Review Management
  • Reputation Management

Removal Services. In many cases, can get bad reviews removed: anonymous, slanderous, provably untrue attacks. That kind of content is often in violation of a review site’s Terms of Service, providing grounds for removal.

Review management. creates a dedicated review portal to help people like Dr. Mitchell monitor the Internet. It provides you with a powerful tool for funneling away bad reviews, while collecting and promoting good ones, enhancing your online reputation.

Reputation Management. An campaign involves creating hundreds of positive digital assets that are uploaded to numerous Internet and social media sites. These assets include keyword rich content – Frank called it optimized content – that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo identify. In the case of Dr. Timothy Mitchell, one keyword would be his name, and another would be the name of his practice, Mitchell Wellness Associates. There would be so much of this new, optimized content that search engines would find it first, and rank it above everything else.

Dr. Mitchell agreed to go ahead with the Online Reputation Management campaign. Frank sent him a link to an online questionnaire and he filled it out. He also provided the company with his Curriculum Vitae and a few other documents.

Months later those negative reviews were a dim memory, and business at Mitchell Wellness Associates had never been better. Reaching out to, Dr. Mitchell told his professional network, might just be the smartest thing he ever did.