New Year's Resolution? Avoid New Threats to Your Online Reputation

Blog Team • January 09, 2017

Making resolutions on and during the turn of the New Year is as time-honored a tradition as raising one’s champagne glass during the Times Square Ball Drop. Setting new goals, or reinvigorating interest in old, forgotten objectives, is what the New Year, New You idea is all about.

If the recent calendar change has inspired you to pursue a personal or professional goal with renewed vigor, it’s important to understand certain things/factors that could threaten your plans along the way.

Online Threats to Watch for in 2017

Hacks/Personal Information Theft

Hackers are a constant online threat, and they continue to develop and pursue more clever and effective ways to steal personal information each and every day. No matter how protected or secure your personal information seems, chances are that someone is out there working on a way to get it. Vigilance, therefore, is paramount to online security.

Recent revelations of two massive Yahoo email hacks help to demonstrate just how fragile online safety is, even or particularly at the corporate level. Such shocking news underlines the importance of vigilant monitoring and maintenance of your personal information online.


Your coffee mug may read “#1 Dad”, but your online mug may convey a different story.

Were you arrested last year for something relatively minor, or for something for which you were never convicted? Though you may be entering the New Year with renewed hope, to pursue a new start or to simply move on with your life, there may be an online mugshot currently latching on and eroding your online reputation.

Any existing arrest records and mugshots constitute public records, and can be scraped and exploited by any one of hundreds of mugshot websites currently on the Web. No matter the outcome of your case or the year of your arrest, your mugshot may be out there doing damage to your online image.

Court Records

Court records carry a stigma all their own, one that wears off on anyone whose name appears within them. Records that don’t get sealed usually end up as fairly innocuous items in an online government database. But as authoritative sources of information, they can easily can gain traction in search results, particularly when your name is the prompt.

If a court case is part of your recent past, be wary. Once online, such a thing could easily sentence your reputation to years of needless negativity.

Revenge/Cheater Posts

Let’s face it: sometimes relationships go horribly sideways. The fallout from a bad breakup can be devastating for everyone involved. In the digital era, post-break-up animus can quickly become everyone’s business, and I mean everyone.

Cheater sites provide easy and mostly unchecked platforms for expressing one’s post-relationship vitriol, and if you’ve had the misfortune of a recent breakup, you could become the target of unwarranted, false and highly-public online attacks.

Beware the broken heart! Romance can quickly turn to regret when exposed online.

Negative News Articles

Were you involved in an event or action that received news coverage over the past year? Could that coverage be perceived as negative by employers, business partners, friends, or family?

If so, your online reputation is most likely taking a major hit, particularly each time someone googles your name. News sites tend to be regarded as highly authoritative by search engines. As a result, any story containing your name is most likely resting in a prominent position in results pages.

Check Your Sources! Negative news could be dragging your online rep through the mud.

Online Reviews

It’s always a risky proposition trying to build and sustain a business. Thanks to the prominence of online review sites, however, the act establishing a competitive and resilient brand that achieves lasting recognition can be as hard as dodging snowflakes in a blizzard.

Right or wrong, a negative online review can be a drag on your brand’s online image, sometimes even drying up your company’s online revenue stream for good.

Social Media Mishaps

Like to have fun on social media? Never miss the opportunity to chat, Tweet, post or share? If the answer is yes, you’re no different from most other people, though it’s important to know how your social media imprint over the past year could be putting your reputation into someone’s online crosshairs.

During what was such a divisive and politically charged election year, the chances are good that you posted or shared something that either has or could one day harm your online image.

Head ‘Em Off at the Pass with Online Reputation Management!

Heading off potential threats while maintaining a positive and resilient online reputation is crucial to the success of your 2017 resolution. Knowing what these threats are is just half the battle. Preparing a professional and customized online reputation strategy is the other; an integral part of a happy and healthy online presence for months and years to come.

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