Is Your Reputation Management Infrastructure Up to the Challenge?

admin • October 14, 2013

Most businesses, large and small, will face a reputation management challenge within the next 5 years. If you want to be a business that is capable of navigating those challenges successfully then you need to take a look at your reputation management infrastructure. What’s involved in creating a good reputation management infrastructure?

Three things.


You need a strong monitoring platform to ensure that you’re managing your reputation appropriately. Otherwise, you won’t be able to respond to threats. You can’t seek the removal of derogatory information that you know nothing about. A truly good monitoring platform watches more than Google. It also watches social media and review sites to get a sense of the big picture when it comes to the way that you are perceived online. This allows you to proactively work to increase your good reputation even when there isn’t a specific threat to respond to.


Once you know about a problem you need the manpower and the know-how to do something about it. What works for one piece of derogatory content may not be effective at all against another. And sometimes it’s appropriate to engage with an unhappy customer directly. Removal is part of response, and it can be an involved process. It’s time-consuming to hunt down webmasters, negotiate with them, and follow up with them to make sure the request has been honored. Someone needs to be in place to handle this function as well.


Whenever we speak of creating a virtual firewall we are speaking of content creation. You simply can’t dominate the search results without it. While you can certainly achieve traction by filling out online profiles they are ultimately powerless to dominate the SERPs page without some content to make them keep Google’s attention. Arguably this is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive portion of any reputation-management exercise. Even generating accounts on websites and populating them with basic information takes time and care.  

Infrastructure Implementation

If you have a large enough staff, then you may be able to handle most of these functions in-house once you’ve availed yourself of a really strong monitoring platform. Most businesses, however, don’t have a staff capable of handling reputation management the way it needs to be handled. That’s where a trustworthy reputation management company comes in. Working with a company like is like having developing an entire reputation management infrastructure at the touch of a button. When you combine that power with your existing customer service capabilities you get the power that you need to meet any reputation crisis head on.