How to Remove Negative Reviews from Yelp
How to remove negative reviews from yelp
  • Bryan Tankus
  • June 16, 2015
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how-to-remove-negative-reviews-from-yelp164420151205-26714-oquah-300x300.jpg (300×300)For many years, people have been struggling with reviews online. Ever since it became a thing, really, there has been a consistent struggle to make sure that our businesses can be managed effectively online and be given a fair and honest reputation. Unfortunately, the internet isn’t quite as kind as this and negative reviews are a common theme across the board – many people suffer from this affliction.

Negative reviews are a common problem with those who are using Yelp. Yelp is a massive company that delivers reviews for just about anything – the problem is Yelp requires no authenticity from those who leave reviews. This can lead to an angry ex-employee leaving your business a stinking review that really turns people off trying your service.

Safe to say, this kind of problem can leave you flailing in the dark trying to rescue your reputation and mitigate the volume of people who won’t be returning on the back of these negative reviews. To deal with this problem consistently and effectively, you need to know how to remove negative reviews from Yelp.

This guide will give you all the details that you need to know how to get rid of these negative reviews. This will allow you to repair your reputation, and keep yourself free from the impact of negativity.

What is Yelp About?

In the simplest possible terms, Yelp is all about offering a platform for business owners to push their products and their platform along the way. This will help them engage with customers as well as get new visitors who will be enticed by the positive things that people are saying about their business. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the internet is a fairly cutthroat business and this kind of activity can also lead to negative reviews.

The problem is that Yelp actually uses a unique algorithm that stunts growth and positive development for businesses. This is because they use a method that filters down any reviews that they believe to be false – namely positive ones. As you can imagine, this can play havoc with a business and make it nearly impossible to get the solution fixed and dealt with.

With online reviews playing such a key role in business development – and Yelp views in particular – it becomes quite difficult to know where things are going, and how they can be managed to the most effective level.

Why Do I Need To Remove Negative Reviews?

Removing negative reviews is vital to making your business more effective and more viable to customers. The vast majority of our effectiveness in the modern online environment comes from one place; trust. When people online trust your business and what you are going to deliver, it becomes a whole lot easier for them to give you a chance and make your chances of success far more likely.

However, trust is broken by even just one or two bad words – even those who have been loyal to you in the past can turn if they see negative reviews. It makes them believe that standards are slipping, and can be a hammer blow to your CTR and conversion rates.

Failing to remove negative reviews – even if they aren’t true – can leave you fighting a losing battle with regards to wining the love and affections of your clients. It also puts new customers off giving you a chance; if someone says that your service is below-par they are more likely to concentrate on the one bad experience than the 10-20 good experiences that are listed. People like to look for negativity, any excuse to actually not give you what you need; a chance.

When they are given a chance to doubt your credentials it can become a big problem from there on in. therefore, being able to remove negative reviews – and work on the ones that are true to improve performance rates for your business – is going to be vital to ensuring long-term improvement and conversions for many more years to come.

How Can I Remove Negative Yelp Reviews?

Yelp, being one of the biggest names, is one of the most common sites to see fraud reviews and people being slated for no good reason. After all, with a larger volume of people comes a larger chance of people who might behave in poor taste. Therefore, it’s vital to protect against this and make sure that you aren’t going to be lambasted by these people.

Unfortunately, Yelp is also full of poor information about things like paying to get reviews removed or taking Yelp to court to remove them. Current laws protect you from taking them to court and winning, effectively, and they really don’t do much to help people out when it comes to getting reviews removed. Instead, you need to do it all on your own and try find a solution yourself – Yelp offer no assistance whatsoever.

The most effective way to actually deal with negative Yelp reviews seems to be to work with an expert to get the reviews pushed down the rankings, or indeed to actually remove the Yelp listing from appearing in search engines all along. People won’t go to Yelp and find you – they’ll search for your business individually, or your niche, and find the reviews in that way.

Whilst Yelp can be useful, it’s actually a real danger to your long-term prosperity and growth. By working with an expert to get your Yelp listings removed entirely will help remove any compromised profiles.

To learn more about how to remove negative local reviews and content from sites like Yelp, click here or call (888) 997-3128 for a free consultation.

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