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How to Remove Negative Reviews from RipOffReport

Blog Team • June 09, 2015

If you have never heard of the RipOffReport before, you probably don’t want to. It’s a website that effectively acts as a compendium of the worst on the web; those who steal the money, time and even health of others for a profit. Selling something that’s not quite the magic solution it was claimed to be? You’ll probably find yourself here. It’s a website that thousands of people check for information on the scum of the web and to make sure they aren’t walking into some well-known trap that will leave them out of pocket and out of persona belief.

However, many people end up on this website for all the wrong reasons. If you have a bad experience with a customer – whether it’s because they didn’t understand the service or had unrealistic expectations – they might just be vindictive enough to put you up on here with other various bad guys.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you aren’t listed on here – it used to be the case that any press was good press, but not when it comes to sites like this. It’s designed a library for catching out the worst of the worst, and you won’t be lumped in here!

To get rid of the reviews with RipOffReport, you need to know what you are doing and how to go about getting the process started so that it can end well for you. It takes time and patience, and a little bit of luck, but RipOffReport is one of the fairer ones out there.



What is RipOffReport About?

With nearly 20 years in business now, this site was set up by those who immediately noticed that the internet had a rogue’s gallery waiting for unsuspecting people. As the internet offers many of us a chance to get access to things we simply would not be able to otherwise, many people use it for nefarious deeds and lure people into financial and emotional traps that leaves them in a real problem.

The internet is somewhat lawless, and people need to go to websites like the RipOffReport for help and guidance as to what they should and should not trust.

Getting there takes a long amount of time to get into action, but the RipOffReport can be the source of destruction for people all across the web. Run by Ed Magedson, this website has been under scrutiny in the past for allegedly posting false reviews and statements about businesses. This is a website that has a really odd reputation online – some see it as a bastion of truth, others see it as the exact same kind of rip-off that it is seemingly trying to protect you from.

Whatever the truth is, at the moment this is a website that holds a lot of traction across the web. Having a negative review about your business on here is a dangerous proposition and can be a great way to tank your business regardless of how authentic it is; this is something you need to be aware of.

Why Do I Need To Remove Negative Reviews?

The reasons for removing negative reviews are fairly obvious, but here are just some of the reasons why having such a horrible reputation online is going to be nothing but trouble for you later on down the line;

  • Having a poor reputation online can spread to the offline world. Say you have a potential client who wants to check you out; the first thing they will do is ask friends if they have used your service. If they haven’t, then they will check online – and see the negative reviews held by the RipOffReport. This will hurt you drastically and scan stop people giving you a chance purely because of the negative nature of this site
  • Likewise, they might even be told not to try you out because someone they know has read the RipOffReport document – this is a big problem and can make your life really difficult moving forward. Likewise, it can leave you chasing your tail a little bit trying to find out where this information comes from
  • A negative review is a real stain on the character and reputation of your business; people don’t like seeing their fellow consumer being treated badly. Even one false story (it could be completely false) can leave your business fighting for its future reputation

Removing negative content and reviews, especially from somewhere like the RipOffReport, is vital to your long-term prosperity and growth as a business. Take the time to find the source, and remove it for the long-term health of your business.

How Can I Remove Negative RipOffReport Reviews?

Thankfully, the RipOffReport recently changed their policy on removing content that was posted. Now you can easily find a way around these problems and give yourself a chance of getting that content removed. You need to contact a reputation management team, and they can enter parlay with RipOffReport on your behalf. Doing it yourself is a waste of time; the emotion of the situation alone can be enough to make negation hard for you. Use the tone and knowledge of a reputation management firm to get yourself the help that you need in removing these once and for all.

You’ll likely never remove its stain from the search engines, though. RipOffReport runs a series of high ranking pages that will outrank many other profiles that you make so it will be quite prominent unless you can get a social media strategy in place to push it down. Again, working with an expert can create a positive vibe for your business and push the RipOffReport pages further down the listing.

If you cannot get the content removed yourself then this will be the only option that is open to you.

Because the content is user generated you can consider contacting the poster themselves but if someone takes the time to slate your business they probably aren’t too interested in negotiating with you. Remember this when you go to message them as it can only exasperate the situation.

In reality, removing reviews is best carried out by an expert reputation management team who know how to get the problem dealt with and to give you the peace and quiet that you deserve from noisy websites making all sorts of claims.


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