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How to Remove Mugshots from Web Sites

Blog Team • November 06, 2014

Removing your mugshot from Google might seem like an easy enough request. However, getting Google to remove anything from their search results is a mission in itself. At the least, it usually takes a trained expert in the field or even a legal team.

To make matters even worse, if your mugshot is appearing within Google it's probably appearing on many other (if not hundreds) of mugshot related sites as well.

This is something is all too familiar with and can definitely help you with. We've even created a quick video (seen here) to show you the importance of not having your mugshots appear within the search results and how it can ruin your reputation and hiring for a new job opportunity.

Why are sites posting my mugshot in the first place?

As if getting arrested and having your picture taken wasn't bad enough, seeing a daily reminder of this on the internet can be an even worse experience. To the average person it might just seem like a cruel trick, however there is a reasoning behind why sites are posting mugshots and arrest records around the internet. Though it is unethical and against Google's terms and conditions, arrest records and mugshots are considered public record.

The evil part is that sites posting mugshots are in the business of posting personal information and photos just to get paid to have them removed.

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This has become such an issue, that the lawmakers have been trying to pass a bill that would require commercial sites to delete photos for free within 30 days of request. However, since many of these sites are in the "extortion" business, it's likely they would just ignore these laws or run operations out of country anyway.

One of the most active states in the battle against mugshot sites and their practices, is Texas, which has focused their efforts on the extortion process many of these sites practice in. The 2013 law called SB 1289 (PDF legal doc) allows for the recipients of mugshots to contact these sites in question and dispute the legitimacy and accuracy of data being shared. According to this law, if you information posted on a site is out of date (or expunged), then the site is required to remove your information.

However, even with the law in place, many of these sites don't care about laws and you will still need guidance or legal counsel to have the most effective outcome. The good news is that we have great experience with this and a complete list of sites that we can get your mugshot removed from.

How to get your mugshot removed from various sites

As mentioned, there are plenty of mugshot sites on the internet, many of which have already been de-indexed by Google but they are still floating around the internet. To improve your chances of removing your image from these sites, you should consider the following options:

  1. Visit the site in question. Look for the FAQ section or information regarding the removal process or how to contact the owner of the site. (usually this can be done by paying a fee)
  2. Record expungement is when a previous record is closed to the public. If this is the case, it's always worth trying to contact the site posting your mugshot and letting them know of this issue.
  3. Consult with an attorney. Just like there are injury and malpractice attorneys, there is also legal counsel for mugshot removal issues as well. Your results will vary based on attorney experience and individual situation.
  4. Use services. With a proven track record for removing mugshots from various sites, we know what process works best. Not only will our services save you time and frustration, but you will also get results.

To learn more about how to remove your mugshot from Google and the internet, please refer to our mugshot removal FAQ and contact us for a free consultation at 800-758-9013.