How to Remove Complaints on Pissed Consumer

Blog Team • May 21, 2015

Pissed Consumer is one of the most well-known review sites on the internet. Not only is it viewed by millions of users every day, it's also hurting the reputation of millions of individuals, brands and businesses in the process.

This is happening for many reasons... such as the ability to post anonymous reviews and complaints to the site, and that Google ranks the quality of Pissed Consumer very highly -- meaning it usually ranks at the top of the search results or anyones name, brand or business. As more people are taking their frustrations and complaints to the internet, Pissed Consumer continues to grow in size... along with the damage that it's causing to anyone who might get written about in their massive database of consumer complaints.

Now that you have a good understanding of what Pissed Consumer is and how much of a negative impact it can be on your reputation, the first step is to visit their site and see what comes up when you type in your name of business.

Once you've located where the negative content is posted on their site, the next step is to contact a specialist from our reputation management team to address the situation.

How to Remove a Complaint from

Pissed Consumer isn't just known for their massive directory of complaints and information, it's also known for not removing any of this information either. Every day thousands of individuals and brands contact Pissed Consumer to try and get their information removed. While it is possible to get content removed from their site, it's a very lengthy and expensive process and involves getting a court order. As stated on the Pissed Consumer site:

Yes. PissedConsumer removes reviews from its website if it receives an order from a Court (See: For Individuals and Companies, below) or a notarized letter from the person who posted it. (See: For Posters, below.) PissedConsumer redacts reviews from its website if you participate in Legitimacy Verification Program (LVP) and if the decision is made by LVP Arbitrator to redact it.

The next question for many people looking to remove negative content on Pissed Consumer, is how they can get a court order... which Pissed Consumer simply answers as find a "law firm experienced in internet defamation". Pissed Consumer likes to stay out of this area as much as possible, as they make all of money and business by keeping negative content and reviews active on their site. 

The end result is thousands of dollars in costs for the end user, while still not guaranteeing anyone will see the removal of negative content on their site.

There Must Be a Better Way...

A better alternative is to work along side InternetReputation to have your negative listings on Pissed Consumer removed from the search results. The advantage to working with our advanced reputation management team is that not only can we remove Pissed Consumer results from appearing within the search results for relevant names and keywords people are searching for, but we can replace them with beneficial content that your audience will find value in. This is exactly why our reputation management services work so well. While repairing the damage that has already be done, we're also actively building a wall of positive content around your personal or brand name to highlight your positives and give a great first impression when someone searches for your name online.

To learn more about how to suppress and remove negative content and complaints from Pissed Consumer, click here or call (800) -758-9012 for a free consultation.