How to Check Your Online Reputation Score
  • Leslie Fantone
  • November 20, 2014
  • Business

Knowing what and where your personal, brand of business name rank for in the search results is your first line of defense in the war against a bad first impression. If your own sites and content isn’t appearing at the top of the search results for terms that people are looking for to find your stuff, you are in trouble! For times like these you should run a free reputation analysis that will take a look at the current search listings around your target keywords and names, then issue you a reputation score and help you improve your positive results, while also giving you the option to suppress or remove negative ones.

Reputation Score

It takes less than a minute to signup, there is no credit card required and you will start to receive alerts right to your email inbox. By using our free reputation analysis and online monitoring system, you’ll be able to know when and where someone is talking about you, your brand or business. This information will also allow you to better manage and remove any negative information or images, improve your Google results, while also being able to monitor and fix online reviews. Here’s a look at what you’ll also receive once setup with your free reputation analysis.

New Reputation Alerts Sent Right to Your Email

Nothing is better than automation and receiving free reports right into your inbox — and that’s exactly what you’ll get through’s free monitoring service. Think of it like Google Alerts, but way more powerful and with the backend technology to track your results and rankings over time. As you can see from the screenshot below, every time new keywords or phrases are triggered, you will receive an email from IR. Inside each of these emails is a fancy report that shows you the latest rankings and articles that were pulled based off your desired keywords. At the top of these emails you will see the “keyword” that the report is based off of, then a listing of each Google result in the latest email report. You then have the option to decide whether this is a NEGATIVE or POSITIVE listing. If it’s a positive listing, you are in good shape. If it’s negative, you would want to click into the system and then take the necessary actions to have this ranking suppressed or removed. This would be done by working with the team.

Knowing Your Reputation Score is Key to Protecting Your Good Name

As mentioned, the free reputation analysis and report is one of the best ways to understand where you are ranking in the search engines, what the content is and deciphering whether it’s a negative or positive — while also having the option to take any necessary actions as well. When setting up your free analysis, be sure to consider the following keywords.

  • Personal Name – Always important to know why and where your name is listed somewhere
  • Business & Brand Name – See what your customers and competition is saying about you
  • Product / Service Names – Keep track of your online reviews and know what people are saying about your products and services at all times
  • Your Competition – They are probably watching your rankings, so you should be watching them too

If you haven’t already, be sure to setup your free reputation analysis and online monitoring here.

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