Don't Drink & Drive! Practical Advice On Safety and Responsibility This 4th Of July

Blog Team • July 01, 2016

Barbecues, fireworks and time with our loved ones are just some of the many ways we celebrate our independence on the Fourth of July. For those who wish to raise a glass in cheers to our nation’s birth we would like to remind you to be safe and responsible as you indulge in your right to libations; and please, don’t get behind the wheel.


Drinking and driving incidents ruin countless lives in this country. The statistics show that roughly 3,200 drivers are arrested on a daily basis, and that only accounts for the ones fortunate enough to not have worse things happen to them under those circumstances. That is why police forces around the country will be setting up checkpoints and ramping up their DUI enforcement this holiday weekend to keep drunk drivers off the road.

Okay so maybe just a few will be fine. Think again. In some states, such as Colorado, you don’t need to blow a .08 in order to earn yourself a night in jail, a mugshot and a potential reputation crisis. And the worst part of all is those would be the least of potential consequences.

Is the convenience of a car really worth it? Your friends at think not, and would like to remind you of the several alternatives:

Call Your Local Taxi Service

  • Taxis will surely be in full-force this weekend for a boost in business. If you don’t have a number for your local cab service, your server or bartender will gladly assist you.

* DENVER RESIDENTS- By following a few simple instructions, the generous Sawaya Law Firm may reimburse your taxi fare. See their website for details. Some restrictions apply. ( is not affiliated with Sawaya Law in any way, but we do sincerely thank them for helping keep Coloradans safe).


  • This convenient app helps you connect with private drivers through your smartphone. You can request cars big or small to accommodate parties of all sizes.


  • Lyft is also a smartphone-driven private driver service, much like Uber, but is known for being slightly less expensive. The catch is that it also does not operate in as many areas as Uber.

These options, in combination with public transportation and/or designated drivers, provide plenty of reasons to put the keys away. Unfortunately, mistakes will still likely happen, which is where we come in. The Internet is now the first place people turn to when seeking information on both individuals and businesses. Achieving and maintaining a positive online reputation is absolutely essential. offers award-winning mugshot removal and suppression services, and has been trusted by thousands of satisfied clients spanning over five years in business. We hope you won’t need our services after this holiday weekend; but in the event that you do, know that you are backed by the best.


We wish you all a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend.