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7 Ways to Remove Negative Content on Google

Blog Team • April 14, 2015

More often then not, the first place someone goes to find information online is through Google.  Google is the beginning and end of the internet, as they control the first impression for nearly everything online.

Whether it's your personal name, brand or products... whatever it is that someone is searching for, it simply must have a clean bill of health on the first page of the search results.

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Before trying to bury any negative content or press that might be appearing in the search results, you must first understand why it's ranking on the first page and what keywords you want to rank for as well. Based on the answer to these questions, you will be able to determine how much time, work and effort it might take to push down the negative content, while boosting up your positive content.

Content ranks at the top of Google for many different reasons:

  1. The authority, age and quality of the site that is posting the content
  2. How relevant the content written is related to the keyword searched for
  3. The number and quality of sites linking back to the original site hosting the article

These are the major reasons why most sites are ranking at the top of the search results for any given name or phrase. This is important to know so you can implement these same practices into your own sites and online reputation management.

7 Quick Tips to Bury Negative Content on Google

No matter if you are trying to control the main page of Google for your personal name, brand or business, each of the methods mentioned below will go a long way to helping you improve your search results. Implement the ones you can, and feel free to contact us with any questions or help you might need.

1.  Setup a Wordpress Blog to Go Along with Your Site

This is dead simple and super affective. Launch a blog off your existing web site or domain name and start publishing content. Creating content that provides value and gets people linking to. This will help the overall authority and rankings for your site.

2. Create Social Profiles on All of the Major Social Networks

This one is also dead simple, free and very effective. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram... they are all major social networks and Google ranks all of them extremely high in the search results. Create a profile for both your personal name, brand and web sites.

3. Build Out Additional Blogs on Other Free Content Networks

If you can create enough content that is relevant to your name or brand, you should also take advantage of other free blog hosting services that rank well in the search results. Just like top social media sites rank well, free blog services like Blogspot and Wordpress do the same. Create new blogs, write some quality content and also send some links back to them and see how they start to rank for your name and brand.

4. Write Quality Content for Authority Blogs in Your Industry

Content is King and there is a never ending need for more of it. Many sites and blogs allow guest writers to contribute content in exchange for promotion and a link back from their site. This works great for building quality links back to your site and also giving your personal brand free exposure to new audiences.

5. Stay Aggressive with Your Social Media and Content Promotions

It's not enough to simply create accounts, post content once and hope for the best. Instead you need to schedule out your content over time and use social media to update your followers on your new content. It's also important to keep the value of your social media activity high. Don't just send out updates on your own content, be sure to engage with others and tweet out great content from other sites as well.

6. Use Infographics to Get More Exposure and Links to Your Site

No matter what industry you are in, everyone loves a good infographic. You can easily create your own infographic through sites like piktochart.com or infogr.am

One of the main reasons why infographic work so well, is that people love to share them and they might just end up back at your site in the process. The end results? More link love and traffic back to your site... which results in higher search rankings.

7. Utilize Press Releases and World Wide Trends

Many press releases will still get picked up and indexed by Google. Where most press releases go wrong is that they aren't relevant to 99% of the people using the internet. To gain more attention and get the most out of your press releases, try to keep them relevant to what's trending right now through Google Trends, Twitter and World News. By doing this, your web site and brand will be more likely to get picked up through other media outlets.

How to Deal with High Ranking Negative Content in Google

Many people, sites and brands will see great results with their search rankings by following these tips and best practices. However, sometimes there are just those darn articles and sites that won't fall down in the search rankings.

For times like these we have special services and methods we can use to help combat these negative rankings -- pushing them further down in the rankings by helping your site rank higher.

To learn more about these methods and to get a free consultation from one of our team members, simply click here or call (800) -758-9012 to have us set it up for you and provide you with a free site and reputation analysis.