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7 Awesome Ideas for Reputation-Building Social Media Posts

admin • May 12, 2015

To build up your reputation, you'll need to crank out the content on a daily basis. Every piece of content you write gives you another opportunity to talk about your great traits, and each post lets you push down and/or remove content that could harm your reputation and make you look like a terrible person. So you know you should be writing.

And yet, there are times when the words won't seem to come.

That's where this list comes in handy. Here are 7 ideas for social media posts you could write, right now, in 15 minutes or less. All of them can be customized for your specific reputation needs, and all of them have the potential to make you look great. So let's get started.

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Option 1: A Holiday Theme

When you absolutely, positively can't think of anything to write about, holidays can be a real blessing. Every day of observance gives you the opportunity to express your thanks, your praise or your humility (and all of that makes you look humble and/or generous). And, as an added bonus, there are tons and tons of holidays that are observed in the United States. This website lists all of them, and as you'll see, there's a holiday on almost every single day of the week that you could bounce off of for a reputation social media post.

Post ideas: Go simple with a reminder to observe the holiday, or share a few tidbits about how you plan to celebrate that day.

Option 2: Pet Appreciation

The furry, fuzzy, feathered or scaly creature you share your home with can give you all sorts of reputation management benefits.

Just consider: The American Pet Products Association suggests that 65 percent of American households have a pet. That means that more than half of all of your potential readers are primed to respond to your pet posts. After all, they have their own creatures at home. If you talk lovingly about your pet, your words will resonate with all the other pet lovers out there.

Post ideas: Share a photo of you and your pet, or provide a few words about how you take care of your pet every day.

Option 3: Praise For a Current Job

Typically, the word "employed" is synonymous with the word "trustworthy." People that work seem to have gumption and drive, and that makes them seem just a little more honest and a little more worthwhile. You can use that to your advantage by posting about the work that you're doing and/or the place in which you're working. Each post proves that you do have a job, and that could make you seem just a little more honest and fair.

There are some dangers here. For example, you'll need to avoid discussing any topic your employer deems somehow proprietary or sensitive. And you'll need to avoid sharing details about clients or customers. And no rants about your work allowed. If you remember to keep it both positive and general, you'll be in great reputation shape.

Post ideas: Allow for a social check-in when you head to work, so all of your followers know that you go to work every day. Or, write up a few words about how excited you are to go to work that day, and all of the great things you're sure to accomplish. If you're in sales, use this opportunity to encourage your followers to either buy from you or visit your showroom.

Option 4: Thanks to a Former Teacher

Teachers can be wonderfully inspirational. A teacher that taught you a special lesson, or saw some spark of talent in you, may have changed your entire life from the inside out. And chances are, your readers have the same sorts of teacher experiences, too.

By sharing your thoughts, you're sure to connect with your readers and make them think about the teachers they've connected with. And, by expressing your thanks, you're fostering a sense of gratitude, and that could make you look humble and kind. Teachers need praise, too, as the Alliance for Excellent Education shows that half a million move or drop out of the profession every year. Your post could touch a frustrated teacher and keep that person working.

Post ideas: Find a former teacher's social profile, and tag that person in a post with simple words of thanks. Or, share a short story of how that teacher changed your life. If you can't think of a specific teacher you liked, write up a few words in support of teachers in general.

Option 5: Description of a New Hobby

Hobbies help to fill up your spare time, and many of them involve activities that are creative and/or photographable. You might:

  • Garden
  • Knit
  • Can
  • Cook
  • Fish
  • Draw

The more time you spend on hobbies, the less open time you might have to engage in activities your readers might find distasteful (like drinking or getting arrested). If you discuss your hobbies, you prove that you're much too busy to get involved in any shenanigans.

Post ideas: Share a photo of a hobby in progress, like a half-completed project or a plant in bloom. Or, snap selfies while you're hard at work at a hobby.

Option 6: Lessons From a Past Job

An average adult from the baby boom era has burned through close to 12 jobs between the ages of 18 to 48, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Given these statistics, it seems likely that you have at least one previous job you could mention, and again, talk of work makes you look less like a slacker and more like a valuable member of society.

Remember that your posts should be designed to help your reputation, not harm it, so you shouldn't bash your former employer or the work you did for that company. Be positive.

Post ideas: Share a few words about the one key thing you learned while on the job, or name check a boss that was truly helpful as you learned about your job.

Option 7: Proof of Healthful Eating

Eating is a vital part of life. It's something every single person on the planet has to do every single day of the week. So naturally, posts about food will resonate with readers.

Each time you talk about your food, they'll think about their own meals. It's an instant connection point. But, you'll want to share posts about healthful meals, not junk you're eating on the go. Posts about nutrition have more power because they help you prove that you care about your body and your health. That makes you look responsible, and that could be a real reputation booster.

Post ideas: Take photos of meals you're making in your kitchen. Or if you're heading out for a snack, write up notes about the meals you're considering. Are you really loving these ideas? I hope so, because next week, I'll give you seven more ideas you can put to work. And, as always, if you just don't have the time or the energy to write these things on your own, we're here for you.

Contact us, and we can put our team of writers to work on content that will make you really shine.