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  • Leslie Fantone
  • March 19, 2015
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Gone are the days when your consumer feedback and complaints are between just them and your brand’s human resources department. Now complaints run rampant across the internet and not only are they out there for everyone to see… they are also extremely hard to remove as well.

One of the best ways to monitor and improve your online reputation is by actually knowing what sites consumers are leaving their complaints on. We’ve list three of the top consumer complaint sites that every brand, business and organization needs to keep an eye on.

Consumer Complaint

Pissed Consumer

Not only are the consumers the ones who are “pissed” on the site… so are the thousands of brands and individuals who have been listed and reviewed on the site as well. One of the biggest problems with Pissed Consumer is how hard it is to not only remove reviews from their site, but also proving if they are real or fake. Reviews on Pissed Consumer consist of everything from auto, computers, education, financial services, good, government and pretty much anything else you could complain about.

Complaints Board

If you couldn’t find a specific topic to match your complaint on Pissed Consumer, then you will likely find a match on Complaints Board. Don’t let the look of the site fool you… it might look plain and basic, but it’s a mega directory of information, complaints and reviews.

While Pissed Consumer is a ranters paradise, Complaints Board actually attempts to provide some value in the form of user resource areas where anyone can ask a question on specific products and services. Complaints Board also has hundreds of articles and videos to help consumer properly research information, buying tips and user reviews.

Consumer Affairs

When trying to research or leave reviews for pretty much any item you can think of, Consumer Affairs takes the cake. Directories on the site include everything from gold, hearing aids, safety recalls, dentists, weight loss programs and more! Of the three review sites mentioned in this article, Consumer Affairs is the most appeasing to the eyes and it’s also the most user friendly. You can search through thousands of reviews based on your preferred category or use the search box features on their site.

The Importance of Monitoring Your Brand Mentions Online

With millions of users taking their complaints to the internet every day, it’s extremely important that every individual and brand knows where they might be mentioned. Without knowing what and where people are talking about your brand, how are you going to defend it? One of the best ways to do this is to setup free monitoring through so you are notified every time your brand is mentioned on a new site.

To learn more about how to remove negative reviews from any consumer review sites or how to setup your own keyword and brand monitoring, feel free to contact at (888) 711-5576 or click here to setup a free consultation.

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