We Remove and Delete South Carolina Mugshot Records and Images

SouthCarolina.Arrests.org is a website that publishes mugshots for thirteen counties in South Carolina.  It also publishes a daily breakdown of arrests by county.  The site also offers a place for viewers to leaves comments and classifies mugshots tags such as “beat up”, “hunks”, “grills”, etc.  The information on the sites has been pulled from the local county sheriff’s offices and the site makes no claims as to the accuracy of the information.  SouthCarolina.Arrests.org is a relatively new site started in 2011.  No information is available for how far back the arrest mugshots go.


southcarolina.arrests.org removal



Why does SouthCarolina.Arrests.org Have My Mugshots?

Websites have different motives for publishing mugshots.  Some do it as a public service to make members of the community aware of who may be a danger to them and to help them know when to be on their guard.  Others do it to earn a profit by charging those who do not wish to have their mugshots public a fee (typically a hefty one) to remove them.  Still others do it maliciously so that viewers can have a laugh at the expense of those who have been arrested.  Regardless of motive, however, websites still have a right to publish mugshots.  There are ways, however, to have your mugshot removed.


Sometimes You can have your mugshots removed yourself if you are willing to put in the time and effort required to identify all of the sites on which your mugshot is listed.  Those websites that will remove your mugshot for free if you were not ultimately convicted require documentation.  Many sites, however, charge a fee for removal, even in instances in which there was no conviction.  Each website determines its own policy.  There is no universal law governing the management of public records online.  The process of having your mugshot removed from internet websites can be time consuming and costly.  If you are not somewhat internet savvy, it can also be frustrating.

How we can help

We are professionals who have intimate knowledge of how the internet works.  We not only know how it makes it onto the web, we understand how it climbs the search engine rankings.  We utilize this knowledge to eliminate negative information, including mugshots, from search engines and databases.  We are a reputable company that is able to make technology work for you rather than against you.  We streamline the process of cleaning up your internet reputation by being the one stop on the web that you need to make.  Consult with us about what you’re trying to accomplish and we do the rest.  We will have your mugshot, along with any negative news related items or comments related to it, eliminated from websites like SouthCarolina.Arrests.org within days.  Furthermore, we can help you ensure that your past doesn’t continue to come back to haunt you by devising a strategy for cleaning up and maintaining your online reputation.  Contact us today to get your mugshot and information removed.