How to Get a News Article Removed from Google and the Internet

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The Internet has now changed the way newspapers and public information affects our daily lives. News on any topic is easily available and accessible with a few key strokes. At times this can be extremely helpful and resourceful, other times it can cause harm to individuals and businesses. We have developed a successful strategy to remove online newspapers from the Internet.

Removing newspaper articles and other press from the Internet is not as easy as one would imagine. Contacting Google results in an auto reply telling you need to contact the webmaster. Locating the webmaster can be difficult or not feasible without assistance.

Can you get an article about me off the internet

When looking at removing an online newspaper the below are several important things we will initially evaluate to determine the best course of action.

How long has the paper been online, is the news outdated?

Is personal information published in the article, i.e. financial information, social security information, information on minors etc.?

Is there copyrighted material published in the article?

Who published the article?

How many sources i.e. websites is the article being displayed on?

Is there inflammatory or defamatory language or comments in the article?

Is the content inaccurate or unfair?

After analyzing the above information we will create a strategy to effectively work on removing any news publications we can. The most effective method for restoring and protecting an internet reputation is to identify the negative items and then work to remove them while at the same time working on a reputation management campaign to ensure a clean online presence. Other firms will typically only work on one particular method, i.e. just reputation management. We have found that working on reputation management in conjunction with removal techniques is the best method for effectively removing articles and syndications. Contact and we can look at your situation and help you determine the best course of action.

In the past, before the explosion of the Internet, news would come and go with print publications. A Sunday paper was thrown away and most people forgot about the weekly news shortly after it was published. Now news agencies and private companies are keeping news archives dating back over 100 years. Many of these publications can be harmful and damaging to an individual or companies reputation. We have developed an effective solution for quickly removing news paper articles from all the major search engines. If have a harmful newspaper article or press release you would liked removed we can help.

When print journalism was in its heyday, the only way to find any archived stories was to use the microfiche library the particular paper maintained. Many people are too young to remember the large microfiche machines which you would actually turn a crank to move from photographed page to photographed page of a newspaper’s edition. Although, the good thing about this way of archiving old stories and even old press releases is that once the edition of the paper which contained it was distributed for the day – that’s it. The information was archived in a way that made it very difficult to access it.

Now, of course, newspapers are both print and digital. The difficulty with digital journalism is that anything published – correct or incorrect stays online and open to prying eyes forever. Many individuals are finding their online reputation unfairly tarnished with internet slander, incorrect, misleading, incomplete and even outright wrong information. So, how do you protect your privacy and control your online reputation? What needs to happen in order to remove any newspaper articles or negative press releases from Google and the internet?

News Article Removal Options


One option many people try in an attempt to remove online newspapers is through trying to contact Google and requesting removal. Google has made its stance on working with news publishers very clear, the news organization is responsible for the content they put online, not Google. Contacting Google for a removal of an article will typically never work. Another option is to work with a professional company like to make an unpublishing requests. A study showed that 50% of newspaper organizations don’t have a policy in place for handling unpublishing requests, meaning that there is room to work with these organizations. The key is to know what you are doing before making the request, using things like a Robots Exclusion Protocol (REP) will make the organization feel more comfortable with the request and an still accomplish our goal of eliminating the content from the web.

Recently some courts have started requiring newspapers to expunge court case information from the Internet when the case has been dismissed or legally expunged. Unfortunately, newspapers are considered an important archival resource and are extremely proud of this fact. Many publications are downright hostile to the concept of removing, changing or deleting published articles. There are, however cases where the local jurisdiction has ordered the newspapers to expunge any news reporting in cases where the criminal record has also been expunged or the news may effect the out of a trial, as seen in a recent court case in Australia. The sad fact is, though, that newspapers love to report what is going on, especially if an arrest is involved. Typically, though they do not follow up on the actual case itself. Even with a court order, all the publication will do is avoid removing entire articles by publishing print corrections, retractions and follow-up pieces.

The primary responsibility of any news organization is to report on matters as truthfully as possible, not to protect any individual’s reputation – online or otherwise. That is why it is good to use an online reputation management firm. There are ways to delete entire articles using technology, but unless you have this sophisticated technology for yourself, it is extremely challenging to get the job done and untarnish your online reputation.

Even though you may be able to get your article unpublished, deleted articles can sometimes still remain online and accessible to anyone who uses the Internet. For example, a blogger may have re-published it. Or, worse yet, the article itself may come right up in an internet archive. These archives are an online reputation risk when your deleted – or so you thought – article is published. In fact, there are even online services who capture and retain deleted articles for publication.

Your online reputation is extremely precious. That is why has developed and refined advanced solutions to remove information from internet searches and protect your online reputation. Most newspapers do not care about online reputation and digital privacy. At, we do care about your reputation and have developed products which address the exact issues newspapers won’t.