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The Internet makes it easy for almost anyone to become a published author.
With a computer and Internet access, anyone can write an article or publish a photo.

There is a lot of misinformation floating around on the Internet and in the media about what can and can’t be removed from the Internet. While the current laws surrounding Internet slander and Internet privacy may seem very complex, there are a number of different options people can take to remove harmful Internet Information.

We have successfully removed the below information for our clients;

Most public forums allow for anonymous posting. Public information is now more widely available then ever. Private companies like,, and others have developed methods for scraping this data and displaying it on Google to rank highly. These companies generate ad revenue and subscription fees, so the more pages they have the more potential for revenue. The information these companies are displaying is typically already on the Internet or in the public sphere, these organizations have developed a method to put it all together and make it rank highly in the search engines.

Why is this Legal?

Many laws such as the CDA Act and The First Amendment protect people who write on the Internet and have been upheld against numerous Internet slander cases. For example, if a company creates a website and a visitor comes onto the website and writes something, the courts won’t hold the website owner responsible for the content that was published on their website. The website owner will claim it’s a public forum and anyone can post anything on a public forum. Google for instance is a public forum that allows people to post websites and information. Google will not be held liable for information showing up in their search results. Suing for slander can take months or years. By that time, the information has been accessible and read by many, many people and you and/or your company may already be struggling.

Images can be even more troubling. Perhaps you were falsely accused of a crime, were arrested and had your mugshot taken. Even though you may have later been acquitted, your mugshot might still appear on the Internet, along with a description of your alleged crime. People searching for information about you may walk away with the impression that you’ve done something you have not.

Things that appear on the Internet are designed to stay there for decades, in June of 2012 the Internet added 340 trillion-trillion-trillion (yes that is correct) new IP addresses to make more space for information. This means the Internet can now harvest much more public information. If you have not proactively published positive information, negative news may be all people see about you after a few years.

What can you do to remove and protect your information online?

Every situation requires a different removal method. Some of the methods we use are below:

  • DMCA Take Downs
  • Reverse IP Look ups
  • Account Deletion and Removal
  • Proprietary Techniques
  • Advanced Technology Research and Development
  • TOS Website Violation Research

While the truth is, it is not possible to remove everything from the Internet, our firm specializes in removing things others say are impossible. has developed a proprietary system to remove damaging information from the Internet.

If your company has been a victim of Internet slander, can help. Comments that ruin your reputation and that are patently false shouldn’t be allowed to appear prominently on the search engines, and can assist you to get those comments removed and get you the justice you deserve.

Will Google Remove My Information from Search Results?

A big misconception about internet privacy and slander is that Google is responsible for all the information found online. Google is just a source for locating information, each and every website is owned by a company or private individual. Some websites such as YouTube, Blogger, Google+ and several others are Google owned web properties, but these sites are user interactive, meaning individuals are responsible for the content placed on these platforms.

Chances are that if you have information online you want removed it’s coming from a third party website. You may have found this information by using Google Search, but this does not mean Google is responsible for the content being displayed. Google cannot remove information from third party websites. If you contact Google asking them to remove a webpage they will recommend that you contact the webmaster who owns the website or is responsible for posting the content. This can often times be a fairly difficult task. Many webmasters use private hosting companies, virtual proxy networks and hidden IP’s to conceal their identities. We have developed a number of tools to help track down and locate webmasters and will use them when needed.

In certain circumstances Google will investigate removing personal or private information from appearing in their search results.

Content can be reported to Google for removal if it contains any of the below.

Social Security Number or Government ID
Bank Account or Credit Card Number
An image of your hand written signature

Again Google and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing cannot remove content from other websites. Google recommends people to “Counteract negative information with useful, positive information”. This is what we refer to as a reputation management campaign; we create thousands of positive listings in the search engines to bury the negative and or false information from appearing in Google and all the other major search engines.

Google Webmasters Content Removal Video Resources

We use a two pronged approach of reputation management, creating and disseminating thousands of positive digital assets combined with publishing techniques to remove all traces of harmful information on the Internet. Contact us for a free consultation on getting your information removed from the Internet.