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If you have stumbled across this page you have most likely Googled yourself or your company and noticed old court records from as far back as 100 years ago are now appearing online. Case filings, appeals, court rulings, court decisions, pretty much everything is public record now and is being collected by private companies and disseminated across the Internet.

If you have been involved in any sort of court case, civil or criminal, chances are there is a press release, news article or full court documents showing up online. Private companies have developed programs to scrape these public records and put the documents on their websites. The companies use search engine optimization techniques to ensure the pages will rank highly.

You are probably asking the questions, “How do I remove or delete these court records from the search engines?”

Our company has spent years developing methods to remove harmful and damaging information from appearing in the Internet. We specialize in the removal of public records, slander and harmful online information. We have removed countless records from the Internet helping individuals and businesses restore their reputation.

Removing Lawsuits and Court Records

We use a two-pronged approach to remove public court records from Google and the internet.

1) First we check our database for exact matches of sites we have developed removal techniques for. Through the course of doing business we have developed a list of websites we can remove information from. Our database of removal websites hosts over 5 million webpages, so there is a good chance we will be able to fix your problem with our internal database.

2) If your court case or records are appearing on a site we have not removed, we will make a removal attempt. Once completing these steps we will flush the Internet with positive content and websites. Setting up a virtual firewall to protect you from future Internet slander problems.

Below are a few of the major sites you may find your court records appearing on. Keep in mind the reason your record is on one of these sites is because it is public record. The sites are not doing anything illegal in displaying the information. We have developed techniques to help you remove these records from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Remember, these are just a few of the sites we have worked on for clients.

This particular website has over 5 million court records on it along with legal definitions, foot notes and much more. The site is designed for everyday people looking for additional information on specific court cases. The site generates revenue by selling additional case information, such as footnotes, citations and docket numbers.

This site is a division of a legal dictionary and research tool. The site hosts millions of court records including lawsuits, appeals and legal information from all across the United States and select countries.

A legal filing and research website for lawyers, courts and researchers. LexisNexis contains information on millions of different court cases and public records. The site makes high profile and important court cases public along with other general public records. 

This is a new website that was launched in 2015. We’ve helped a number of clients remove this site from appearing on the Internet.

Our approach to public record removal is effective and produces quick results. You may speak with other reputation management companies who tell you removing information from Google and the Internet is not possible. These companies have just not made the effort or are unwilling to go through the motions. We specialize in removal along with suppression of negative items.

If you have a court case, court record, docket or any other related information showing up on the Internet and want it removed, Contact us today for a free consultation.

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