Delete from the Internet and Search Engines Search Engine Removal Packages Start at $2800.00 is an online mugshot database that hosts records from the State of Oregon.  The main counties that the site has records from include Josephine, Jackson, Multnomah and Douglas.  Unlike other mugshot websites, there is no option for getting a page removed from the actual website

Our Removal Solution

Due to numerous requests, we have developed a solution for removing pages from showing up prominently in the search engines.  Using advanced Internet reputation strategies we will create and disseminate thousands of blog postings, articles and press releases across the Internet and bury the mugshot.  On an average campaign, we are able to get these removed from appearing prominent in the search engines within 10 business days.

Because is a newer website it doesn’t have as much authority in Google as the existing assets we create and optimize for you.  We are able to effectively and quickly push back in the search engines and prevent people from finding it.

Will My Mugshot Go Away By Itself?

This is a common question we get all the time. was established in 2012, the site is a newer website, and to date we have not seen any mugshot records removed automatically.  The best removal solution we have found for is to bury it in the search engines.   After using our service, individuals searching your name on Google will not be able to find your mugshot.

Our removal solution also gives you the benefit of not having to worry about future mugshot records appearing prominently as we create what is known as a virtual firewall that sets up thousands of online assets for your name.  Should a mugshot site put your record online in the future, it will appear on the latter pages of the search engines where no one can find it.

Feel free to give us a call today or contact us to get started on our removal program.