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If you were a buyer in the 1980s, you might ask your friends or coworkers about a company or a restaurant before you spent your hard-earned money. If people you knew liked the company, you might feel comfortable doing business with the company. If people you knew had bad experiences, you might stay away. In-person reviews of companies were incredibly important and influential.

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In modern times, the Internet has made these man-on-the-street interviews obsolete. Before we try a restaurant, we’ll read the online reviews. Before we buy a pair of shoes, we’ll search for comments and opinions on those shoes. It’s become easier than ever to find out information about people, products and companies. Unfortunately, it’s also become easier than ever for one person to destroy your good and hard earned reputation.

One angry customer could write a negative review, and that review could keep potential clients away for years. Most review websites such as citysearch.com and yelp.com don’t have a system in place to remove negative or false reviews.

They also have no incentive to remove these reviews. Legislation protects them from lawsuits, since the company itself doesn’t write the reviews. People can simply write whatever they’d like to write, and it can seem impossible to get those reviews removed. Some websites even filter out positive reviews, since negative reviews are often more entertaining and more often read. A negative review might float right to the top of the results page when people search for your company.

InternetReputation.com can help. Our review management packages are designed to eliminate negative reviews quickly and effectively. When you sign up with InternetReputation.com, the experts will use their proprietary system to remove or suppress all negative reviews. When people run searches about your company, the negative reviews won’t appear and your reputation will be restored.

Don’t let one disgruntled client or one ex-employee ruin your online reputation. Take control with InternetReputation.com. Just one quick phone call starts the process. Our professionals will spring into action to determine just what needs to be done. Having a team of skilled experts can really help you beat back the negativity so you can get back to work.


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