If you’re eager to remove a certain page from the Internet, you may be worried about cached pages.  Cached pages have a rather mysterious sound to them.  And, in truth, they can be a little confusing.  However, after reading this you will have a clear understanding of what exactly a cached page is, and how you can get it removed from the Internet.

What a Cached Page Is.


A cached page is essentially a snapshot.  Periodically, Google will take snapshots of all of the pages that it has indexed.  This cached version is what Google uses to determine if the page is an appropriate result for your particular search.  If a webpage is updated, or even if the webpage is entirely removed, cached pages still exist online.  If you have something online that you don’t want others to see, it’s easy to understand why cached pages might be problematic!  Many websites exist solely to provide access to cached pages.

Web browsers might seek cached pages for a variety of reasons.  Primarily, cached pages are used because (1) the website is down or overloaded, or (2) the page has been deleted.  However, the cached pages are almost always used because direct access to the original page is not possible.  Essentially, this can be a troublesome fact for those who have something to hide on the web.  Simply deleting a page from the Internet is not enough.













How to Remove a Cached Page.

If this fact troubles you, you aren’t alone.  Many people are bothered by the fact that their deleted web pages can still be found online.  After all, if the words or picture that bother you are still out there, what does it matter if the original source is gone?  Fortunately, removing a cached page from the Internet is not an impossible task.

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You can make a request to have the cached version of a page removed from the Google search results by going through the process with Google.  Further instructions are included here.  However, Google isn’t the only search engine that caches pages.  In fact, nearly every search engine creates page caches.  Sorting through all major search engines and their processes can be a difficult task.  After all, not every search engine makes cache page removal as easy as Google does.  You may be surprised how many people are still finding information outside of the major search engines.  The fact that not all of these search engines make the page cache removal process easy is somewhat alarming.

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