Can You Sue For Internet Slander?

Slander is like an attack with words that are not true at all. Those words can spread like wildflower, and then you see a major loss of business and reputation due to the slander.


Like any other type of slander, you can sue if you are able to prove what the opposing party said is truly inaccurate.  Many times, the slander is so devastating it can cause a company to lose customers or a person to lose friends.  In this case, it is only fair to sue the person who published such awful and false things.

In order to actually go through with a lawsuit, the slander would have to be extremely severe.  The judge will typically ask the suing party to claim exactly what loss they received from the spoken defamation.  If the loss isn’t serious enough, then the judge could rule that the opposing party was simply expressing their opinion. We all have the freedom to speak and let others know our opinions, even if they are insulting.  It’s only when the suing party was seriously affected that it becomes a matter taken to court.

Suing for Internet slander may actually be easier to prove in a court case than slander by word of mouth.  Much of the information available online remains posted, allowing the suing party to demonstrate to the court what was falsely stated. Slander by mouth is more difficult to prove, especially if nobody else was around to hear what was said.  Suing for internet slander could potentially help companies who have been hurt by false things said about them to recover their reputation, and save their business.

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