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Are your Embarrassing Images and Arrest Records Available to the Public?

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Are you asking yourself the question, how can I delete my mug shot?  We can help.  Arrest records can be obtained by anyone through The Freedom of Information Act, yet most people don’t want their mugshots to be available on the internet for everyone to see.  Fortunately, our company can provide the necessary services to remove these harmful records from the Internet.  We have helped over 10,000 customers remove their mugshots from the Internet.

We Can Remove Your Mugshot Images From the Internet

We have been removing arrest records and harmful information for our clients since 2010 and have developed the most effective and comprehensive solution to mugshot removal. Once removed from appearing on the internet, the mugshot image is only available through the original database that is linked to the arrest, typically this is the sheriff’s office.

How to Get Your Mugshot Deleted Off Google Search

Google recommends you contact the webmaster of a website if you are looking to get information removed from the Internet.  Contacting a website owner to have your information removed can prove to be very difficult.  The best way to get in touch with a website owner is through a contact form or the hosting company.  Many of the popular mugshot websites do not have contact forms and use private hosting companies. The other option for trying to get in touch with the owner of a site is to do a WHOIS check on the website.  The only problem with doing this is many of these websites use private domain registration making it nearly impossible to track down the owner.  So what do you do when you can’t track down the owner of a mugshot website? offers a quick, effective solution for removing these mugshot records. Our company uses a proven method to quickly and effectively remove mugshots and arrest records from all the major search engines.  We have helped thousands of clients remove their arrest records from Google and all the major search engines.

Since 2013 various laws in different states have gone in effect, these laws were designed to help victims of false arrests and expunged records remove their mugshots. The problem with these laws is they only apply to certain cases (expunged records, sometimes dismissed cases) and they give the website owner 30 days or more to remove your record. Most people can’t wait 30 days, we understand this problem and offer 72 hour mugshot removals to our clients. In addition we’ve seen many of these mugshot sites hosted or located in other countries where they don’t follow US laws.

States that Publicly Display Mugshots

The number of states that make mugshot records public is growing quickly.  Florida is among one of the largest states to freely share public records.  Florida has made mugshots and arrest information public as far back as 1999 and the website has over 4 million mugshots listed.  Other states that publicly display mugshots include, Texas, Alabama, Oregon, Arizona, North Carolina, California, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, Lafayette, and Louisiana. and are the two largest mugshot databases that are active online right now.  A common misconception is that State governments are responsible for putting the mugshot information online.  The States themselves are not typically making this information public via a website portal, but rather the individual county sheriff offices where the arrest took place. If you have a mugshot you wanted deleted from Google give us a call and we can help.

What Sites Can You Remove My Mugshot from?

A few of the more popular websites we remove people from.  This is not an all inclusive list, but rather examples of websites from which we remove mugshots frequently.

Mugshot Website

States Covered Notes: Removal (Y/N)

Multiple Specializes in providing access to mugshot photographs and arrest records from all across the country. Unlike other mugshot websites which containa significant amount of graphical information, news stories and commentary about the nature of crime, provides mugshots in a stripped downformat, organizing them by date, and allowing participants to comment on the photographs they see. Y

Multiple Another national website that hosts records primarily from states like Florida, Texas and Arizona. We offer guaranteed removal of records with in 48 hours. Y

Multiple A nationwide mugshot website. This site is similar to in that it hosts records from almost every state. We offer guaranteed removalfrom this site within 48 hours. Y

Multiple This is a new website launched in September of 2012 that hosts mugshots from all across the United States. The site mainly focuses on Florida andsurrounding states. Y

Multiple N/A Y

Multiple N/A Y

Multiple This is a popular mugshot database that publishes arrest records immediately after the arrest occurs. keeps these records on theirwebsite for a period of 180 days/6 months after the arrest and then automatically removes the record. For people looking to remove Jailbase.comquicker we do offer a solution that removes Jail base. Y

Multiple N/A Y

Multiple N/A Y

Multiple N/A Y

Multiple N/A Y

Multiple We have removed countless records for people on We offer guaranteed mugshot removal on and the time frame is roughly48-72 hours. Y

Multiple N/A Y

Utah N/A Y

Multiple N/A Y

Multiple N/A Y

Multiple N/A Y

Missouri N/A Y

Multiple Y

Multiple and other regional mugshot search websites combined into what is now Y

Multiple N/A Y

Multiple N/A Y

Arizona Pulls criminal records from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

Multiple At the end of 2014 was launched. This is the newest mugshot website to hit the market. The website already has over 5 million records and is quickly becoming one of the most popular mugshot sites out there. We offer removal from this site in 72 hours and have already removed 100’s of clients from the site. seems to be building one of the largest mugshot databases out there. Y

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