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We can quickly and effectively remove mugshots from and other high profile Florida mugshot websites.  If you are listed on a mugshot website in Florida and want instant removal, please contact us. The website hosts over 4 million mug shots and arrest information.   The site has arrest records dating as far back as 1999.  Meaning if you were arrested for anything in Florida over the last 10-12 years changes are your picture and information is going end up on

Many people ask the question, why is my mug shot on this website, how can they do that?  Florida has very liberal laws that include the sunshine law, which allows the sharing of public information.  Private companies now have the ability to access these pictures and arrest information and publicly display them online.

There is a number of different websites that display Florida mug shots, but is by far the biggest.  We can delete your mug shot, picture and information from all Florida mug shot websites. has several sister websites related to its parent company in different states across the US, including and

Our mug shot deletion is guaranteed and will get your embarrassing picture and information out of Google and all the other search engines. is probably the largest mugshot website, hosting millions of arrest records.  Florida so far has the most liberal laws towards mugshot and public information sharing and has the most local sheriff offices that publicly display these records.
Don’t let an embarrassing arrest record hold you back or cause your problems.  We delete florida mug shots guaranteed.

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