Case Studies

Below are examples of Reputation Management Campaigns to show you the results we can produce. Each case and situation will always vary for end results and time frame. Most campaigns will require 30-90 days to clean up Google results while some large corporate accounts may take 3 to 12 months or may be ongoing campaigns for complex/high-profile situations. Please contact a representative who can inform you of specific details and pricing for your particular situation.

Our Real Case Studies From Various Profiles

Case Study 1:

Reality Television Star Problem: Old Arrest Records Online

  • Reality television star’s past is coming back to haunt them when an old arrest and mugshot is appearing on the first page of Google.

  • 2 days; 24 hours for deletion and 2 days for de-indexing of remaining links.

  • Mugshot and arrest record including picture, arrest information, and vital statistics are completely deleted.

  • Reality television star’s past does not appear publicly on any search engine anymore, mugshot records removed the Internet.

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Case Study 3:

Large Multi-National Corporation

  • Large multi-national corporation that spends a significant amount of money is losing sales when people are doing due diligence and seeing negative posts online. The prominent negative listing is false slander posted on a consumer advocacy blog. The blog post is showing up prominently on the first page of Google for the client’s brand name and is causing significant harm to the corporation. The corporation has spent months trying to get the post removed and get in contact with the site owner. The corporation has engaged with other large reputation management companies who have done nothing but created a few profiles for the corporation.

  • 3 days for removal of offending material. 30 days to set up complete virtual firewall and prevent any future negative listings from showing up on the prominent pages of search engines.

  • lays out a strategy for the client and quickly goes to work. Within 24 hours uses advanced Internet tracking software and proprietary techniques to get the post taken down. Once the offending post is removed from the search engines, goes to work creating 1000’s of positive web listings and then optimizing to set up a virtual firewall for the corporation to prevent any future negative content from showing up prominently in the search engines.

  • Negative posting on forum removed. Virtual firewall created.

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Case Study 5:

Retail Location Problem: Negative Anonymous Forum Posting

  • Retail location in Arizona is attacked by competitor on anonymous forum posting. The posting is showing up on the first page of Google for the company’s brand name and causing serious harm to their sales and business. The company engages with and a strategy is put together.

  • 30 days to clear first 3 pages – 90 days to clear first 12 pages.

  • A reputation management campaign is put into place and quickly starts creating positive assets for the client in the search engines. The campaign pushes the offending listing off the first two pages and onto page 3. The listing proves to be a very powerful authority in Google and seems like it will settle at page 3 in the search engines. Although a negative listing on page 3 will only be seen by 1 out of 10 researchers doing due diligence on the company, client wants to push it back farther into Google cyberspace. The client requests additional services and goes to work and creates more digital assets and applies more optimization for the keyword targeted content resulting in the negative listing ending up on page 12 of Google.

  • First 12 pages of Google result in positive information with the negative listing end up at position #112 of the Google search results.

Case Study 6:

Law Firm Problem: Negative Consumer Advocacy Posts

  • Law firm has several negative listings from numerous powerful and high ranking authority consumer advocacy websites on the first page of Google for their targeted keywords including the names of attorneys and the name of the law firm. After working with a different reputation management company the offending results were still showing up on the first page.

  • 30 days.

  • The firm engaged with and within a month all offending results were gone. used reputation management techniques combined with removal techniques to remove all the offending material for the law firm.

  • 2 consumer advocacy websites posts removed and a clean first 4 pages for the targeted keyword phrases.

Case Study 7:

Head of Non-Profit Problem: Negative Article Online

  • Head of a large non-profit has an article published online that is highly critical of what article writer considered too large of a salary and bonus for a non-profit. Suggesting they need a serious salary cut and no bonus. Article showing up in the #1 spot in Google when typing in client’s name and client’s name + geographic area.

  • 6 days deletion; 30 days Virtual Firewall

  • News Paper Article was completely removed and virtual firewall was created.

  • Head of non-profit owns the first 5 full pages of Google for their name and name + geographic area.

Case Study 8:

Financial Consultant Problem: Negative News Articles & Online Slander

  • Financial consultant having issues with news agencies and individuals slandering his name and personal reputation. Numerous negative listings on page 1, 2, and 3 of Google.

  • 30 days Virtual Firewall

  • Using multiple variations of financial consultant’s name, geographic area and industry title, digital assets and optimization techniques were used to control the first 5 pages of Google for all keyword phrases.

  • Financial consultant now owns the first 5 full pages of Google for their name and for other variations of their name owns the first 5 pages to the first 12.


Each individual and business reputation management situation is unique. The above are real case studies and real results from our customers. For our detailed case studies, names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients. Listings and results are not exact but have been recreated in a way to best reflect and represent what happened during their respective campaigns. Every possible effort has been made to accurately represent our services and results. The testimonials and examples used are a very small example and are exceptional and unique situations and the results are exceptional and unique themselves. These results do not apply to the average customer and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each business or individual’s satisfaction and results depends on their current results in search engines, the strength of positive and negative items existing, the competition on the specific keyword phrases and other relevant factors.

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